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  1. What, you’re not worried about the constitencies? 🤣

  2. Bonus points for the Blackbeard Flag!

  3. You really put some serious effort to make your home indistinguishable in that picture didn’t you 😂

  4. R830 says:

    Username worries me :)

  5. R830 says:

    The PGA Golf game. Super chill...

  6. R830 says:

    Do you play in an incognito window? I only play in incognito when on my Mac Pro, and it has worked well since launch.

  7. After awhile the walk is enjoyable. You're kicking ass ... Keep walking

  8. R830 says:

    Speaking of walking. Get outside and go for a walk. Experiencing the outdoors a bit, and getting your blood flowing while stimulating your senses can work wonders on your mental health. Do it.

  9. R830 says:

    This works. I have successfully paired all 4 of ours for some true family couch chaos. Works great!

  10. Devils toenail. They’re really common so if you’ve found one, you’ll find many more

  11. R830 says:

    Very interesting! My son (and I) enjoyed learning about the claws. Appreciate you sharing.

  12. It's a Gryphaea, known colloquially as a "devil's toenail," a fossilized oyster.

  13. R830 says:

    Thank you, kind Redditor. You've made my little man's night!

  14. R830 says:

    Love this story. Proud for you, and happy for your entire family. Keep it up!!

  15. This x💯 they would have to be absolutely tone deaf if they choose to raise their prices. Considering their scant offerings compared to other services

  16. R830 says:

    Stadia Leadership: “Here, hold my beer!”

  17. R830 says:

    Do yourself a favor and throw a cricket / grasshopper in there....then watch the show.

  18. R830 says:

    Not to mention you prob get some mad steak fingers and blizzards. Holla!

  19. They don't care. Try doing that and then switching from days to nights every 3 months.

  20. R830 says:

    I flew to CA once over Xmas holidays because of a critical delivery. Nobody else showed up at the CA site, and I just missed my family for 3 days. It sucked. The Semiconductor industry definitely doesn't care about you. Oh...I received Employee of the Quarter for my "efforts".

  21. Oh they aren't being silent.

  22. R830 says:

    The early games had the best ports. RDR2, Destiny2, Division 2 (still my most active game).

  23. Well that's pretty damn disappointing.

  24. R830 says:

    Would love to get an official announcement about this. Your supporters deserve transparency.

  25. R830 says:

    Some family based advice. Keep your dad and your marriage separate. You should totally get something made to remind you of your dad - badass idea!

  26. R830 says:

    No. Wasabi for life!! (Assuming founder blue dies)

  27. R830 says:

    Your wife told me to meet her here…

  28. Bug-A-Salt is effective at close range. Takes em down and you can stomp em.

  29. R830 says:

    Love mine. Makes for some sport out of it!

  30. R830 says:

    Lots of hard love here. I love your setup! Game the way that works for you, man. Also…❤️ your GSD - looks just like one of mine!

  31. Unfortunately, we have changed ownership, are called Toyota of North Austin now, and that service is no longer offered.

  32. R830 says:

    Username does not check out

  33. omg i recently realized how much of a hack buying massive bags of popcorn is. Not only is it fucking good and full of fiber and other stuff but it costs like 15$ for a bag the same size as me lmao

  34. R830 says:

    One time investment - highly recommend the Whirly Pop. Then…get kernels in bulk. Make hour own. Tastes waaaay better! Might be about equal price year one…but you will be ahead in the long game (and flavor game for certain!!)

  35. Brooo I had like 4 of them and then found this. 😅😅

  36. R830 says:

    Thank you for your service. Godspeed!

  37. In both cases you can tell that the plumbers came and did their thing, then the HVAC installers simply cut the plumbing vents to install their air conditioning equipment. In the case of the first house I was told that the client and the construction manager had a bit of a chuckle about it because the construction manager hadn't even noticed.

  38. R830 says:

    Think I would have had a bit more than a chuckle with the construction manager....

  39. R830 says:

    I live in the Apple ecosystem, and play Stadia on all my devices. Never owned a chromebook…probably never will.

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