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  1. I totally forgot about shenkt. Who would you guys have play him? Maybe Tom Felton? Or if he's too young maybe Mackenzie Crook?

  2. Wow… this is infuriating. If I lived moderately close to where this is, I would come and fix it for free because it’s hurting my head so much.

  3. That 2016 game had to be at the Bucs right? I was at that game, it was wild! Down by 10 coming into the third. Carr threw four touchdowns, Mack had a couple of sacks and that Roberts touchdown with under two to go in OT. * chefs kiss.*

  4. I think I know those movies, he helps them out and makes a deal so they don’t go to jail right?

  5. That woman with the maggot crawling out of her tooth from a couple weeks ago, was pretty terrifying

  6. Definitely read your title as NSFW and not NFW so the whole time I was just waiting for the sneak attack with way too much anxiety.

  7. If there were no holes on the back of the shirt, the holes in the front should be showing a darker shade of the shirt color; instead, they show the background color. Have to watch the details in these “gotcha” puzzles.

  8. While I agree with the “gotcha” part of these puzzles, the hole in the neck is same as background too which says either there is no fabric there or the inside of the shirt is the same white. I’m going with 6 holes we know of

  9. My apology was getting tickets in the Stroll section for the Montreal GP. The ONLY reason we looked at much worse seats for weeks was because we didn’t want to sit in the Lance Stroll section, haha.

  10. I’m here to prove the doubters wrong! Nobody believed in me!

  11. Had an 11 hatch when they came out. Still my favorite car

  12. Just like "Turkey Bacon". Call it Molded Ground Turkey Strips or something but, calling it bacon is sacrilege.

  13. The only one that kinda bothers me is the Tucker pick. We have so many WR’s right now and the D is still thin.

  14. He looks like he wants to kill me in the most adorable way possible I love him

  15. He’s quite the foot biter when we’re sleeping.


  17. Or when you try and peel off the tag and it tears the zip lock too.

  18. Is this a couple? They look related

  19. There’s a product called a bilevel reducer that usually bridges 3/4” solid to 3/8” engineered. Looks like it would be a neat fit here if it can bridge the width.

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