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  1. He literally just flew right over my area. Started digging and found this thread. That is so cool.

  2. There is no pitch on the planet that I would take from someone randomly knocking at my door.

  3. As someone who has read both books. I am pretty confident Dune is much more desirable to see in theaters.

  4. You could buy the matte black light strips from Dbrand to block all the light they give off.

  5. Hmm, looks like you can't buy them separately from the Dark Plates. You could just buy some electrical tape and cut the strips yourself. That's essentially what getting the matte black light strips would be doing.

  6. Contextualizing what the Gamemakers are doing and why they did it. Also Haymitch trying to get sponsors.

  7. I literally blew milk out of my nose the first time I saw this scene. So it will always be my favorite:

  8. Snow is the best and most complex character in the entire franchise, He is a horrible man, but an amazing Villain. (Have not read TBOS&S)

  9. Playstation in Trussville has it. Owner is a freaking wackadoodle though. Dude accused me of not paying for laser tag almost 10 years ago when I was in Middle school, completely went nuts on my group and we showed receipts and he backed off but we never went back. No idea if he is still around or what the place is like now.

  10. Iain Glen played the most moronic, bland, and unconvincing Batman. He in no way convinced me he was the world's greatest crime fighting vigilante detective. Just complete Dogshit. At least clooney was entertaining.

  11. It is not painful, For many dudes it is a massive stress reliever. I would never in a million years use it as a guilt trip for sex, Hands work just fine.

  12. Center channel is almost exclusively for dialogue, of course it is not understandable.

  13. It was €500 difference between B2 and C2 last week, and I thought it wouldn’t worth to pay 500 more for the difference I would get. You’ve just triggered some more questions mate :)

  14. The difference when I bought during November, was only about $300 USD. Just bite the bullet man, It will be so worth it, B2 is not a bad TV at all, It would be a great backup TV. Either one you pick is going to be an amazing step up from and non OLED.

  15. I would try to fight the digital market, and do everything in my power to keep my products CHEAPER than their digital counterparts, I would expand on collectibles, such as Funko Pops. I would get into selling products such as PC parts/ builds, and Steam Decks.

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