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  1. i absolutely love this card, my most prized card is the jap shininf celebi i pulled back in 01. an it fetched a 9 when i sent it back in march. this one looks really good. any pics of the back?

  2. Nice! That’s a beautiful card as well, gratz on the grade! I do, should’ve included that in the post. Back is pristine though, no marks lines or whitening anywhere on the card. The pic kinda makes it look like there’s some whitening but that’s the sleeve. I’ve never had a card graded before but I don’t think a 10 would be unrealistic, because the pics of the 10s on the PSA website objectively look worse! But I’ve heard the grading can be fickle and not always fair so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll post an update when I get it back

  3. send jt in, seriously , totally worth it, if thats a 10 thats a high dollar card. japanese shinings are more sought after i feel then the english versions.

  4. sell that 9 an get a 10 an then stash it away

  5. warzone was so badass of its time

  6. Congrats and fuck you lol Ive opened over 10 boxes and havent pulled it yet :(

  7. after 10 boxes at current prices coulda bought one an a few boxes to open lol

  8. looking back at this again, is it just me or does the centering on the back look a bit off? more diamond cut.

  9. send em all. good choice good cards. enjoy it !

  10. document it now. it may help you later in reasale

  11. i agree. but i actually a few cards that have a slight crooked border. that i pulled out of japanese neo destiny back when it was released.

  12. im still happy i got my preorder at msrp. i would honestly like to get 1 more so i can keep one sealed for display. but if i dont , oh well.

  13. i pulled one in my first ( of 3 ) celebrations etbs. along with venusaur and blastoise an sent it in to psa an all 3 are a 10. i will keep them and hold it forever, dont really care what the price ends up being. i pulled all 3. very nostalgic to me.

  14. crazy story i got the yellow cheeks for 10$. an that was included in this purchase. the red cheeks i was actually heing rung out an the lady going thru some bulk to price it was like “ oh hey heres a yellow cheeks i just came across ill throw it in this purchase since u got all these shadowless “ so it was actually thrown in with it as a bonus. good deals!

  15. yes very underrated. a prize set imo

  16. personally just my 2 cents, im staying away from eevee heroes, only cause the fake boxes , i may be overthinking it but their is plenty other sets ti invest in that are close / at msrp that will have good future growth as well. that is not talked about it as much. i own zero eevee heroes boxes but i do own multiple evolving skies bb that i got for under msrp.

  17. Where did you find 2 evolving skies booster boxes for $300?

  18. The only cards with real value are unscratched loot cards, they have a golden code that you can redeem on the game

  19. ya i didnt see any loot cards in there. i would like to sell them if anyone is interested

  20. I folded 😢happy with the grade I got though

  21. its like 3 day return shipping to.

  22. yes, but the japanese version is much more valuable.

  23. Interesting, I thought the older holos and rare cards were generally easier to pull in Japanese sets.

  24. not when it came to the shinings. i have a psa 9 shining celebi japanese. pulled that when i was 11. took it back in card shop an guy was like “ man that is insane luck to pull a shining from japanese box , you got super lucky “. only one i ever pulled myself.

  25. my reason is, ill be honest, i just want one. cool artwork.

  26. depends what the purchase price is

  27. They are asking 1000€ for it, which seems high. Might try to haggle it down a bit

  28. i would try to definately haggle that. id say go for 750. play it safe. if the card is in that good of shape, no dings etc.

  29. i wouldnt even of had that pack for 2 minutes before i decided that i am sending it back.

  30. one sale of the pokemon emerald with the box and it is all paid for.

  31. Oh man. I’ve heard a couple things, each store had a specific allotment (around 50), some would let anything go through til that number was reached, some had 3 limit, some had 5, some had 7, some (mine) had 10. Who knows. I don’t work there, but at least you got your one! Congrats! I was first to order at mine. The Twitter notification came in right as soon as I was leaving work so I headed straight there.

  32. i dont use twitter it actually came on my phone as trending on my reddit. 10 minutes after i saw it i was out the door. was like 4:55 or so.

  33. Most cards arent worth investing. So many boxes are going to get ripped in the next few years, I wouldnt expect any single card to outperform sealed products.

  34. i very strongly feel exactly the same way. i feel you are 100% correct.

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