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  1. After watching yet another Lacey Evans promo package last week I have to start to wonder if she's the female Lex Luger. She looks like a star, acts like a star, has a good look, shows charisma, and is always getting featured and pushed. She has a very marketable story. But she never connects with the crowd. I can't figure it out. I watch her. I see it all there. But it falls flat every time.

  2. I wouldn’t say she’s always getting featured/pushed. She has oddly contradictory booking and has basically been there to take pins in recent months.

  3. To be clear, I don't hate them investing more in Becky and Bianca than the other top women (Charlotte and Ronda are more questionable to me).

  4. The whole thing with this rumour is that I’d absolutely buy it if Vince was still in charge, but there’s no reason Mania 39 needs to have the ‘two women’s singles title matches, one multi-team tag’ that’s it’ structure 37 and 38 had.

  5. Nice mix of real and kayfabe, and her point about her character evolving with her is interesting.

  6. They worked together well, especially for their first non-Rumble match. The alignments don’t work right now, but a singles match could be great.

  7. I was thinking that with Raquel likely challenging Ronda at RR, Rhea’s quite possibly getting a strong hoss run in the Rumble.

  8. Just to go back a bit does it appear to no one else that Damian Priest should be leader of Judgment Day?

  9. He tends to be presented as the group's fall guy. The I Quit match was a good example, where he just kept getting punked out while Dom at least got to beat up Rey for a minute.

  10. Solo Sikoa is genuinely the best ever transition from NXT to main roster and I won’t be convinced otherwise. You could tell me this guy was with The Bloodline since the very beginning of the act and I’d have no trouble believing you yet he’s only been there three months.

  11. He’s fit in so well, and that can’t be easy.

  12. Last night’s Rhea/Becky stare down was intriguing—though they’ve already been teasing a confrontation in recent weeks, that felt even bigger. No idea when it’ll play out, but it’s a nice feud to be able to tap into when needed. I also feel that Becky’s added nicely to the division of top of their getting multiple interwoven stories again now Wargames is done. She’s obviously beloved, but her character is an interesting hybrid now, and she definitely brings it on the mic—it’s been interesting too how Bayley’s felt more free on the mic going back and forth with her than she was with Bianca. (And speaking of whom, the Bayley/Rhea exchanges in their triple-threat were great. Besides the storytelling, you can tell that if they ever have a match, it’s going to be hard-hitting, especially with both close in size and Rhea bringing that extra intensity.)

  13. I noticed this too She seems to have done something to her shoulder in that move, had a gnarly bruise and she was holding it too

  14. Seemed fine during the Dom match later on, right down to doing the mock-shoulder shimmy.

  15. Smackdown needs better booking, along with Charlotte or Sasha back. Either could help build up some of the lower card players. They have talent but should really be building them up. Raquel and Zelina in particular are two I believe you could build up. Zelina may be starting, but it’s almost like they are protecting Raquel because they see her as the future while also not really doing much to build her.

  16. Yeah, Raquel's in an awkward spot, though I guess it could be argued with the division's general weakness that it might be best waiting a little longer until she gets that bigger storyline to really build off, perhaps early next year. It's not impossible to turn around, but it's difficult when there's not really any legitimate mid-card heels to help build faces. We've already seen say, Sonya lose so many times that it's meaningless at this point.

  17. It kind of feels like when they called up Bianca at mania 36, then basically had her do nothing on Main Event for 9 months because they didn't want her looking weak on RAW until she got drafted to SD and basically re-debuted

  18. Yeah, a little, though they protected her that bit more even in that, even if her rocket push really got going on Smackdown.

  19. Also, a shoot at their incompetence with Sasha at HIAC 2016.

  20. Becky’s work is second to none.

  21. It’s interesting cause Rhea’s got loads of interweaving feuds too. Mia/OC, they’ve already teased her/Bianca, now Becky, and that’s even with Beth still seeking revenge at some point.

  22. That was great and hard-hitting. It’s fascinating to see Rhea getting the Bianca-style booking where they lose the qualifier match but they’re clearly the focal point.

  23. We’ve had a couple of interactions between them but I’d love more. One interaction was in the Mixed Match Challenge, and the other was during an episode of RAW in 2019 when Finn was talking to Becky backstage about whether she should apologise to the Authority so that she can get her WM main event title match back.

  24. As much as people malign the 'Becky has to apologise' story, some of the interactions on that episode were neat. There was also a bit with Alexa that had some interesting character moments.

  25. Hopefully you get a good one, last week's was a strong episode.

  26. Aew booking is beyond horrendous right now.

  27. I thought Dakota did great against Candice. My guess is that if she keeps performing at a high level, she might wind up in a gatekeeper role like she had in NXT. Not always in the title scene, but always getting that TV/wrestling time.

  28. Balor's won a lot of matches in the last few months, while AJ's won few. Plus Finn losing at Survivor Series made sense storytelling-wise because Rhea wasn't around to get involved.

  29. Well not really cause that’s not even the story anymore. Mia’s there so it’s 4 on 4 now. Dom/Priest and Good Brothers all brawled to the back. If Rhea and Mia were there it would’ve been all 6 brawling to the back most likely

  30. It's 4-on-4, but Rhea still got the pin in the 8-person tag on Raw.

  31. Y’all laugh but wait until jessamyn duke comes out to backup Ronda and Shayna 👀

  32. Youll need to stop pretending that promo packages and videos would matter. These women arent fresh from NXT havent been wrestling for a while. And ultimately what they did in NXT is largely unimportant, its not like they won titles.

  33. Mia's a good example of that approach. She was a surprise, but she immediately got incorporated into the OC/Judgment Day story rather than just floating.

  34. And not to mention scrambling Beth Phoenix's brain after Edge pleaded with her not to do it but she did it anyways for shits and giggles.

  35. She's so cold in that match. Not just the "You taught us too well." but also the "She looks pretty damn lifeless to me" beforehand.

  36. Not the best episode as a whole, but liked that main event a lot.

  37. I don't know, but it's safe to assume there'll be more women's matches than the last two Manias.

  38. Eh, there's Rhea, Bianca and Raquel for starters.

  39. Her too. It's just a shame they had her take so many losses (mostly to Bianca) in such a short time.

  40. If you’re training to get the ring rust off and need two women who aren’t on the main roster to train with well you’ve picked the best of nxt. Both in ring are without question the best it’s just their character they’ve struggled a bit with

  41. Exactly, they're excellent wrestlers, and Alba's been reported to have already been doing some coaching stuff.

  42. I don't think Charlotte has been part of a stable on the main roster. It would be something different for her

  43. Yeah, her character has always been 'doesn't play well with others' (with the single exception of mystery partner Chelsea Green in NXT), so it would be a change.

  44. Rhea has an excellent mix of being incredibly badass, and also goofy as Hell.

  45. Which is also why it's notable that it feels like she's really been on a roll since she got to show that goofy side, while still keeping her character presented as a major threat.

  46. Agreed, to an extent. The big problem with it is that the match progression is stale and predictable. Being 'outnumbered' never ends up meaning shit. Similar things happen in every match: teammates get added in one by one, a couple of them eventually throw in some sort of foreign objects, creative hijinks ensue, they all face off until some big spots take competitors out of the match for good, then only the final couple of minutes have genuine suspense because it's hard to guess exactly how it will finish.

  47. Some of what you're saying is why the 2019 women's one was so good for telling a story which didn't follow the conventional Wargames formula. The Dakota turn on Tegan meant that the faces were outnumbered 4-on-2, which gave a situation for everyone to play off (the faces' concern and determination, Shayna's gloating, etc: ) , and they even managed to present it as entirely logical that the faces still overcame the odds. Io took out Candice with a showy moonsault but laid out her own teammate Bianca in the process. KLR got swatted with a trash can lid, and (paying off the story through the match of Shayna trying to handcuff Rhea) Shayna's own underhanded tactics backfired, leaving her hoist by her own petard.

  48. It was very botchy. Iyo botched a moonsault and the double knees on Bianca horribly. Bayley almost broke her neck trying to give Bianca a hurricanrana.

  49. I wonder if the latter was a communication issue.

  50. That’s because the idea of Ronda selling for Liv is laughable. Ronda bumped her ass off for Raquel that’s what we’re discussing here right?

  51. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but Liv tapping a second early at Summerslam really hurt that finish.

  52. lol what happened to him signing 3 years?

  53. I hear he signed one year but it was actually three years but it was actually 26 and a half months purple monkey dishwasher.

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