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  1. I haven't watched WWE in a long time. Has Michael Cole become a face? I remember him always cheering for the bad guys and being generally annoying/frustrating (and God, was he good at it)

  2. Cole turned face after Jerry Lawler’s heart attack in late 2012.

  3. “But what if Cena won and then did an open challenge on Raw?”

  4. the real main event is always the closer of the entire thing, in this case night 2

  5. Don’t be pedantic man, it was the main event. If we’re doing that shit, then Sasha vs Bianca at Mania 37 wasn’t the main event, the Boneyard match wasn’t the main event at 36, etc.

  6. True but it’s funny they are in LA and couldn’t get a player from one of the two teams in LA?

  7. The 49ers are probably more popular in LA than the Rams and the Chargers.

  8. It’s almost like there’s a second night of Mania tomorrow or something. If they do something tomorrow, I’m gonna laugh at the whining you and others are doing.

  9. the venn diagram of people who would constantly complain about vince being out of touch and who are currently saying that they don't know who KSI is is a circle

  10. Also don’t know what Google is apparently.

  11. Where’s the guy that posted about this being a piss break match?

  12. I can't believe some people think these matches shouldn't be on the card lmao what a fucking classic

  13. Some people wanted the André on the card over this. Both are low stakes, but I’ll take an actual match like this over a battle royal every time.

  14. Cena works 1 maybe 2 matches a year and is all in with his acting career at this point. The only reason people would want Cena to win is because they don’t like Theory.

  15. She won the last chance match and win the final. It’s actually something WWE used to do alot

  16. Yeah but I think a lot of people (myself included) assumed that getting her in the ladder match was just so she could have a big NXT farewell.

  17. Vengeance Day (I think that was the last PLE?) showed they can get a crowd hot for a PLE

  18. This was also the 3rd PLE they’ve done outside the Performance Center since 2020.

  19. As if Gallus wasn’t boring enough already.

  20. this sub doesn't like hearing that the idea of Bray far exceeds the reality of Bray

  21. How are we doing the “this sub…” shtick in this instance when Bray hasn’t exactly been the most popular wrestler here the past couple of months?

  22. I genuinely can't recall anything at all she did not a single match -promo -storyline or bump I just recall she was there for a few years

  23. Heyman beat him backstage for the Universal Championship via 24/7 rules.

  24. He needs to be a babyface soon. Everyone says Gunther should be Money in the Bank but LA Knight would be even better. He could cut promos and he can take the losses the love to give the Money in the Babk holder. Plus he's 40 and he doesn't have as much Yeats on top. He's the perfect guy for a short 2 month title transition reign.

  25. Who says Gunther should win MITB? People say he should win the title from Cody, but LA Knight has been the guy people have been talking about in regards to MITB.

  26. Hot take, Bobby doesn't need this win. Wasted opportunity to push a new guy?

  27. That’s not a hot take because we all know Bobby shouldn’t have been in the match. Also who are the people that gotten pushed after winning this match in previous years?

  28. True, but when you're running every year since 2019 on Memorial Day it's not a coincidence when WWE, who has never run anything on that day in the same period, runs a live PLE even if it's for NXT. It's obviously to create damage to AEW, and that's fair since it's a war. I just don't ever want to hear the "WWE doesn't care about AEW" bullshit.

  29. Please stop talking about this stupid-ass war that doesn’t exist.

  30. What do we do with this information exactly? Watch whatever you want man, there’s no war.

  31. Since when does Jey need a title in order for him to break out from under Roman? And Roman hitting 1k days as champion is a cool milestone sure, but that has little to no impact on that part of the story too. Roman and Jey don’t need titles in order to start building to the 3rd Roman/Jey match.

  32. Gotta be Indi’s NXT farewell at Stand & Deliver. Hopefully she leaves that finisher behind.

  33. Wait, you're telling me that cool-as-shit springboard flipping cutter is that one woman's finisher, and the other one has an elbow to the back of the head for hers? And she won with it?

  34. Yeah, Indi used to do a springboard elbow but she botched it once or twice. Now she does the forearm thing.

  35. "Strong indicators of characters/gimmicks being adjusted to a manner in which Vince McMahon had previously preferred"

  36. Exactly, I’ll believe it when Gunther starts chopping Ludwig Kaiser again.

  37. Shame Waller’s gonna lose after Gargano and Vic Joseph hit him with Meeting in The Middle.

  38. Shoutout to the people who stupidly thought they were doing a head trauma angle or trying to reference Damar Hamlin in some way.

  39. They’ve been doing them on social media for a few years now. We don’t need this comment every time one gets posted.

  40. Wasted finish to solo's undefeated streak.

  41. Did you people really want Solo to go undefeated until he won one of the midcard titles or something? I like Solo too, but that just would’ve made him another one of those boring, silent badasses that fans think we need more of.

  42. The bloodline story can’t really go on unless Roman loses. What do you do if he wins? Continue to have Jey maybe hint at leaving?

  43. Yeah the holdup for some people is that they want Jey to finally beat Roman, but that can happen without the titles (same as that Roman/Rock match that everyone was clamoring for pre-Royal Rumble).

  44. Cody kinda has to win on Sunday lol they’ve created insane momentum for him even beating Solo.

  45. Yeah but something something 1000 days as champ or whatever.

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