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NYPD Cop pulls down peaceful protestor’s mask to pepper spray him. This video is being removed all over twitter, they are trying to hide this.

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  1. Nobody is going to mention how much this seems to be inspired by the F-16?

  2. “VISION Series motherboards are built for creator pc. It featured with reliable performance”

  3. BS. $1,500 isn’t “budget” at all. Unless you’re a real rich cunt.

  4. Probably me being dumb but I don’t see a GPU, can you point it out? Also would you mind linking to a parts list

  5. The transgender guy that got his arm bit off also seemed reasonable.

  6. Yeah they seemed the most reasonable of all. To maintain your chill after that incident. Wow.

  7. Yes, but what his customers do with the bricks is no business or fault of his.

  8. That’s a dumb mentality. It’s like saying a drug dealer isn’t at fault because it’s not his business how people use cocaine.

  9. No they don’t. You can take drugs responsibly. Alcohol and coffee are drugs and they don’t need to hurt people.

  10. Check their compatability section for this product. They clearly state which model graphics cards work with it.

  11. More fans or strips when you buy them. It’s used to daisy chain to more stuff later if you want.

  12. They’re plugged into the motherboard into the right place? 🤔

  13. And salt is a compound comprised of sodium and chlorine molecules. A lake is a body of water, that’s usually unsalted, but in this case it’s full of salt. And a city is a place people live in, and then trash it to bits while rioting.

  14. Fuck off at least their doing something you ignorant fuck. No corporation with hundreds of employees cares about a cause but at least they are pandering and raising awareness instead of doing fuck all.

  15. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

  16. Nope. I was there. Have friends there who witnessed this from feet away and posted about it on their fb. Where are you getting your narrative from? Because it's not the actual truth.

  17. Proves the event, not the culprint.

  18. Also doesn’t prove that he sprayed her directly as opposed to her being an accidental casualty.

  19. Don’t get people to be content with trash because it’s “wholesome.” This isn’t kindergarten.

  20. Just by looking at it, I feel like I can bend those two pins back into place with a plastic razor blade.

  21. They’re easy to bend back, but good chance of snapping too if they’ve been bent that much.

  22. I had a CPU that had some bent pins. From memory 3 fixed fine, but the 4th snapped right off and that would be near impossible to fix. No matter how careful I was.

  23. I have a t-splitter with a ball valve and a stopper. Close the valve. Remove the stopper. Insert really long soft tube with fitting. Open valve. Fill! The long tube acts as a temporary reservoir. I taped it up to a lamp and let it drain all night.

  24. Did he loot, or did he go to a place that was already looted?

  25. Why do you keep spammig this everywhere? The picture does not show the officer macing the child, nor does the video you keep posting.

  26. I’m willing to bet it wasn’t intentional and she just got hit by mistake. This is making it out like the officer intentionally targeted a kid. Which is highly unlikely.

  27. Nice. Can you move the CPU cables upwards to clean it up a little?

  28. It's pretty big, but a second loop

  29. Oh that’s nice with 3 cards too. Thought they’re dropping support for SLI now?

  30. That's an older pic of Skunkworks, I think Jay dropped to two cards in a later iteration. Still, it illustrates filling up the space.

  31. Nowadays though, with a single card, I don’t think you’d get massive benefits running two 480mm loops? One for the CPU and another for the GPU. A single loop with 2 x 240 radiators would do the job just fine?

  32. Some police officers, who work on the police force, also burn crosses, an activity associated with the KKK a racist domestic terrorist group in the US.

  33. Just looked it up. The song was in response to police brutality, wasn’t it? Such powerful lyrics.

  34. I mean absolutely nothing matches here other than a portrait and the sitting position. The game HAS that shelf.

  35. Yeah I don’t get it either. Nothing matches. People upvote just about anything.

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