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I work as a PIP assessor AMA

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*Lowers face into palm*

  1. as long as they don't expect any different treatment if they celebrate Eid by fasting or likewise other religious occasions that require prayer time etc then yes they are being discriminated against.

  2. Why would their expectations have any effect on the law?

  3. It’s hardly dumb that they’re striking. They’re unhappy with their pay and working conditions so they withdraw their labour within the confines of the law. Seems clever to me.

  4. I think I’m combined type and have a Bachelor’s degree.

  5. I’m not a lawyer. It might sound like a meaningless distinction, but most of the time you don’t need a law to allow you to do something, you only need the absence of a law preventing you.

  6. Exactly. As I said, you don’t have to tell them you’re recording, and recording is fair game.

  7. NAL, but watched a video by a lawyer giving employers advice on this issue. They advised adding something like the clause you mentioned in your contract requiring written confirmation to end probation.

  8. You could say the same about specialist skillsets other than degree.

  9. Yes, and you could also then use that to justify why one should be paid more for having that skillset. Moot point.

  10. I've not stated I consider myself disabled. This health issue started after I joined the CS. I've just ended up on an NHS waiting list. At one point someone from HR suggested I pay for private treatment to get me better quicker! That was in a phone call. I told their manager as well as mine. They didn't comment but didn't seem impressed. Since then I've lost confidence in HR wanting to actually help me.

  11. You don’t have to consider yourself disabled, or communicate this to your employer, to be able to claim disability discrimination. A tribunal would just ascertain whether you were disabled when the unfavourable treatment took place.

  12. So you think Civil Servants unhappy with their working conditions should go and work somewhere else? Okay. That’s at least 20% of the civil service. That would be abject chaos.

  13. The fact you have to try and convince someone that a sound of him falling exists and it’s just being blocked out with his prerecorded track is the problem people are pointing out. His backup soundtrack is loud enough to block all that out. It’s also loud enough to sing for him. He’s basically the backup vocals to the pre-recorded track.

  14. Yes people are discussing that. But I’m not discussing that. I was responding specifically to a comment saying the mic wasn’t ‘hot’.

  15. Ya, to the point about the mic being hot, the mic was not the main microphone so you can barely hear anything when post malone falls.

  16. If that’s how you want to frame it. I’m just glad you agree that the mic was hot.

  17. Typical high quality journalism: “Doctors, sexual health experts and charities slammed it as being 'homophonic'”.

  18. I told my psychiatrist straight up that I only knew what ADHD actually was because of TikTok and that was what made me learn more about it.

  19. My cousin gets a brand new car every 3 years using their mum's Motability scheme.

  20. That doesn’t really fall within the scope of the post though. The post is about people spending the benefits they receive, not people abusing the benefits that others receive.

  21. I’m so sorry this happened to you, and I hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

  22. “Cause disruption to two areas of life” Because that part is bull shit. When you spend your whole life drowning, but mask the shit out of it and function to the low level of NT, it doesn’t mean your not ADHD. I have healthy relationships, a steady job, and a home. But the level I have to work to maintain that is so so much harder than NT and I didn’t even know it until it was pointed out to me by several people in my life, doctor and therapist included. The point is we adapt as humans. It doesn’t mean we don’t have it, or that we aren’t struggling. Or that we even know we are struggling honestly.

  23. I think it’s a necessary criterion. Having to work harder than most other people for the same outcome and ‘struggling’ sound like disruption to me.

  24. I’m struggling with the evidence part myself. I sent evidence that I thought was good enough to support what I was saying, but the assessor (or their supervisor as you pointed out) disagreed.

  25. If I got sent an application with confirmation of condition from a medical professional as well as confirmation of symptoms. Alongside evidence of troubles with budgeting. I would absolutely consider that to be sufficient. Unfortunately, sometimes assessors, or more likely, auditors, are douchebags and once you have scored one 0 point assessment that assessment is kept and used as evidence to consider in the next assessment. If I were you I would go back to the doctors/whatever specialist you are under and get some more evidence (honestly what you had seemed fine but new evidence since your previous application will be needed else the assessor can only score you the same as the previous one). Reading is actually difficult to score for so I’m surprised that that was the only one they chose! But yes, either dispute it again or resubmit with new evidence! I’m sorry they’ve been so shit. Sounds like you’ve been treated unfairly.

  26. Thanks for your response, and for making this post in the first place (forgot to say in my first comment).

  27. My step mum used to be a nurse in A&E and clearly had great rapport with the doctors because I was in and out within about 2 hours with a suspected broken finger (it wasn’t). I also got a lovely chat and run through of the anatomy of my finger with some of the doctors who were very encouraging of my burgeoning teen desire to do medicine.

  28. Firstly I’m so sorry you had to endure the punishments they make up to force you to comply with their ideologies and I am so sorry that you didn’t have support at home to help you set boundaries with your school. Secondly thank you. People see children setting boundaries as rude but they don’t seem to realise that they need to be able to voice their opinions when they find things upsetting otherwise they will lose that voice which is really damaging for their self esteem.

  29. Thank you, but luckily I went to school after the days of corporal punishment so I was really only afraid of a detention as I was under the delusion that there was such a thing as a ‘permanent record’ and I was mostly worried it would stop me going to Oxbridge 😂

  30. Oh I completely get you on the parents my mum was hardcore and her aim with those bamboo flip flop was Olympics worthy. Thank you I’m raising strong girls who will never be easy to manipulate as I couldn’t handle anything happening to them. They are strong and know their own minds but more than that they are people who can hold conversations about most topics and they both have their own interests, my oldest loves all things genetics and is researching crisper at the moment as she hopes to study genetics at university when she grows up, my middle is interested in sports and competes regularly in Brazilian ju jitsu in the hope of going pro but is that falls through she has talked about getting a degree in Astro physics. By religion slowing being removed as they grew up it opened so much more of the world for them. They have their own interests but, they have cousins who are all Christians and an uncle who is training to become a pastor but my girls are never rude to them, and since they set out their boundaries at a young age with family they all respect each other’s beliefs so there is nothing but love between them all.

  31. I’m sorry you had to go through that, parents often don’t appreciate the effect violence can have on kids.

  32. I’m not personally aware of any, and I can think of a few reasons why universities and charitable funds would not want to offer them.

  33. Occasionally I’ll start using a word ironically like ‘YOLO’ or ‘holibobs’ or even ‘innit’.

  34. In that case the sniper did him a favour cuz then daddy dies without a long and painful death. Also, fuck Tik Tok for their endless scrolling of pure garbage

  35. ‘Snipped’ is a euphemism for a vasectomy. ‘Sniped’ is being shot by a sniper. I love how you read ‘sniped’ and just went with it though 😂

  36. I’m in the same position. As the other commenter pointed out, part of my reason for applying was that I was still hurt having not been able to go straight from school and having to prove to myself that I could do it.

  37. Thank you for this, I will definitely think about this. I think all jobs should have a healthy balance and I don’t want to sacrifice a majority of my personal health for my career because that doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

  38. I agree! I think it’s important to put yourself first and ask ‘what’s in it for me?’ and if the best answer is ‘I’ll probably feel good about my job’ then I’d run a mile.

  39. Civil Service because deep down I hate myself

  40. What makes you say that? I thought the Civil Service was a pretty good employer

  41. I actually wanted section 13 but im kinda short so I figured to get something up a little higher her last concert i had GA so this is my first time seated

  42. That was probably a good idea. I was in the pit (we called it golden circle) and I’m 6’2” and I had trouble seeing for much of the show.

  43. I'm in section 124 and I have been worried about the view as well.

  44. From going to the show I sort of wish I had got a seated ticket. I think the view from that section will be really good! Enjoy the show!

  45. At least here you could ask the person to sit. I hate when a sea of phones rise up and block your view just so that people can make videos of the show that they’ll probably never watch.

  46. This reads like a lot of opinions wrapped in spurious ‘factual’ claims to give those opinions more credence than they deserve.

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