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  2. Took me a second to realize they are being serious, I thought that was just a video mocking OP, but nope... That's OP's channel ☠

  3. This is why developers get complacent and release games unfinished

  4. how? it makes sense! if boneworks was revolutionary then bonelabs sdk surely will be!

  5. The way you worded this, I assume you're being sarcastic

  6. I don't see why heavy, one of the avatars that can't hold most guns, would have a shooting mission. Also, they already do this when you unlock the avatars, they all have their own missions.

  7. I think they mean an actual decent amount of missions, not just a short introduction level for the avatar and then nothing afterwards. The whole point of introducing the avatars was so that we could use them later, and then you never get to use them later.

  8. Doomslayer avatar (has a double jump). LMG (X260). Wasp mod. Fliggolgigul. Mini nuke. Teleporter pads. The Ultrakill avatars. Portals. Multiplayer. A guy with a working light helmet. Those are just some of the mods that have kept me entertained in the game. That’s not even including base game content. Just like… mess around. Do shit. Blow stuff up. Mess around with attachments. Weld a guy to the side of a building and beat the shit out of him. Ride a gokart out of a helicopter. There’s so much to do. You just kind of have to load in and find it yourself.

  9. You shouldn't really have to force yourself to play to have fun, though.

  10. If she felt uncomfortable alone at the park, she had every right to leave. How's that a freak out?

  11. Bro no one says you have to stay anywhere or can't leave.

  12. I definitely agree that the discussion that followed was over the top, I'm not arguing against that

  13. A piece of program that does one thing each time it's called. A timestamp, a backup, a notification, a copy, a message, an alarm clock. and so on.

  14. That doesn't really fit the definition of a script though. If that was executed on a daemon through bash, sure.

  15. But is it the holy inquisition of the code? Do you have sacred stakes in your brain that tell you every day what you can do and what not to do? Code is fucking code.It's not because Wikipedia says that something is like this, you can't use it as you please. At this point, who is programming the machine or you? Let's stop thinking in terms of dogma.Free your mind.

  16. I feel enlightened after reading this

  17. The train part was fucking awesome dude holding out a nullbody for it to get smashed by the train or running for your life was cool

  18. No I mean right after the part you drop those balls through the tracks. There is this train car that you can move back and forth with the buttons, and it has a sign you can tilt forward and backward. That part was so useless, the train car had no purpose.

  19. The buttons actually activated launch pads on the ground, making the hook part absolutely useless.

  20. That's the thing, they didn't activate them for me. I played the entire campaign right at launch, so I think that part bugged out on me. The launch pads didn't work even when I pressed the buttons right next to them.

  21. Energy sword and Thel Vadam (The Arbiter) from Halo, Rei from Neon Genesis, School of the Wolf from The Witcher, Helghan insignia from Killzone, and now the Marker from Dead Space! I wanna get the SHD logo from The Division next, the second game is so good

  22. I wanna give the second one a chance! :) never played the first outside of a free weekend a few years ago.

  23. DS2 is absolutely amazing, it's the best in series with 1 being the second and 3 being well 3rd

  24. Whoever made this bot could have more bitches, but here we are 🤓

  25. Am I wrong or does the original post actually not say either "should've would've could've" or "should of would of could of"? Said them individually, yes, but not together, so wtf is it correcting?

  26. I don't see how your argument makes it any better, as we have no tangible change over boneworks in gameplay, especially level and enemies

  27. But you can now pull a cord and change your avatar now /s

  28. Bonelab was a major downgrade with weapon handling and it sucks. Running and gunning in this game just doesn't work, especially with SMGs and pistols.

  29. You should play the original, not only does it hold up very well even today it will make the remake even more interesting seeing all the changes.

  30. I would say the first Dead Space is one of the best horror games out there. It holds up so well, gameplay is solid.

  31. DEFINITELY necessary. Menus still act weird sometimes even with the patch, but at least this works.

  32. Ehhh, personally I found the pulse rifle useful alongside the plasma cutter! The only two useful weapons IMO. If you upgrade the capacity and damage, that thing really shreds.

  33. Those ones that use pickaxes? They’re incredibly annoying bullet sponges that hinder my enjoyment of the game.

  34. This. The other games were fun because shooting limbs actually did something.

  35. Yup I can imagine it's more cost effective to send a small group to figure out what's wrong than to immediately send a larger ship/crew around the Valor's size when they don't even know what the problem was if any.

  36. Also, I'm pretty sure it was an illegal mining operation, so I'm positive they wanted to take as small of a crew as possible to figure out was was up. Not smart to tip off the military that you have been cracking planets in restricted space.

  37. I just want a Time Splitters type map maker in Bonelabs. Actually, I want Time Splitter Future Perfect in VR... maybe some day...

  38. Every time I think of level editor, Time Splitters is the first thing I think of. It's crazy to me that they had this on the PS2. I haven't really seen anything like it, outside of the track editor on RC Revenge for the PS1

  39. Wait till you find out 95% of conservatives like gay people.

  40. Conservatives have a funny way of showing it, don't they

  41. 84 hours and a lot of that time and those sessions were from testing mods I made.

  42. That's pretty cool actually, respect

  43. "if you don't agree with me, I'm going to make assumptions about your lifestyle"

  44. Nah, depending where they live, it's quite possible. 32 degrees F wouldn't do that, but if you in below 0, then yeah, it is possible. Notice it didn't do it til the wind hit it. If they took it out right before freezing, then it would have froze before getting hit with the wind.

  45. If the wind was cold enough to flash freeze a bottle of water, then the person holding the water would be dead.

  46. What did she say that was so bigoted? I must have missed the controversy.

  47. She said a lot on the topic. She's been openly a TERF for quite a long time now

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