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  1. Even his shanking and break point conversion is like federer

  2. Did you just categorize Paruthiveeran as a Masala Film?

  3. With that logic we can call even Viduthalai a Masala film

  4. Viduthalai set the tone from the beginning. 1st half of paruthiveeran was more light hearted

  5. I don't think 24 and Mankatha can be a franchise. They seem one-off movies. If you want a sequel in 24, I don't how that will work since the watch is gone. And even if there is a watch, what will they do with it?

  6. At the end of 24 mani is an adult in a kid's body. So I was thinking if athreya is actually part of a bigger organization and they are searching for the watch. So now mani as a kid along with his friends need to fight these guys with the help of his father's gadgets like detective conan.

  7. It's called match-up, like Coric is 3-2 against rafa but 0-4 against Novak

  8. Yeah but has coric won a single slam or even reached a slam final. Wawrinka beat djokovic at 2014 AO but lost to federer at uso 15 in straight sets. Beat him again at 2016 us open and lost to federer at 2017 AO

  9. Annamali and baasha. The same concept has been remade endless number of times.

  10. I think suriya is currently the most popular all over india because of soorarai pootru and jai bhim

  11. Vikram and vettaiyadu vilayadu are not pure action though. Would like to add sathyaa for political.

  12. Athu maapillai. This one comes with karunas asking," nee kelen"

  13. As long as the freebie population are the majority these elections won't make a difference.

  14. Hopefully Ayalaan will become a bigger hit than all of these.

  15. Big shoutout to the one of the few actors who don’t thirst for lead roles, and allow the script to take priority!

  16. Even in his lead films the problems aren't always solved with the usual dishoom dishoom unless his character is supposed to be tough like vikram vedha or sethupathi. Which is very rare.

  17. then why the military uniform ? Dioes he wear it even on leave like Shikari Shambu ?

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