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  1. Not so fun fact: this is Shayna's THIRD WM in a tag match with three different partners. This poor woman is gonna be in tag title purgatory forever


  3. JR could make even simple sounding lines like this feel so intense, he really added to the ending of the match.

  4. A lot of Knockout themes from that era I liked even if they weren't great. Winter, Mickie, Beautiful People, Tara, Tessmacher, Taryn, Gail's heel theme, Madison, even Kong and Taylor's got stuck in my head. I like those themes more than the current ones with a few exceptions today.

  5. If Chelsea is added, will she be added with Carmella?

  6. I hope Carmella just couldn't make it to Raw due to a flight or something and it's not another injury, Chelsea and Carmella go well together

  7. Sooooo now Liv and Tegan are on opposite sides? Weren't they tag partners a while ago?

  8. Raquel was with Shotzi too. Nattie was with Shotzi then Tegan a week later. (Who also instantly moved onto Emma here) Nothing makes sense in the current women's booking lol

  9. Don’t forget Raquel was partners and tag champs with Aliyah.

  10. Sarita is so underrated in the grand scheme of things, happy to see she has work

  11. I finally read the Raw post show threads, and I saw criticism for the women's booking (rightfully so). The thing that annoys me is that some people defend it with "they'll reset after Mania", but it's been almost 7 months or something, we should not STILL be waiting for literally anything good to happen. Both title matches feel poorly built, and a lot of women have way too inconsistent TV time. The champions themselves feel colder than ever. It needs to change desperately, so many women, especially on Smackdown, are so inconsistently used.

  12. I almost didn't recognize him without his ass-cheeks hanging out.

  13. I never saw him wrestle until his trios match on Dynamite where his tiny trunks instantly made me a big fan.

  14. What do you feel is your most underrated match (we hear about the Lita and Mickie matches a lot, I'm curious on her other favorites)

  15. Poor Iyo had to lay there for AGES until Lita hit her move.

  16. Iyo could've went to buy dinner and get back by the time Lita did that moonsault it was so sad it was funny

  17. That shade was so random and I lived for it. Expecting Tony to make an angry comment in response lol

  18. This was my favorite chamber. I didn't expect much because the field wasn't as star studded by everyone did well.

  19. I can’t believe he actually called Roman a cum guzzling gutterslut in French.

  20. Joseph Montecillo is doing a retrospective video on the Nicole Matthews/Madison Eagles feud, which I’m looking forward to.

  21. Most channels usually don't have videos on their fueds/storylines, but I have seen a few. Ring the Belle is a women's wrestling specific channel, and I have seen a few other specific videos. (WrestlingPremieres Mickie vs Trish, 2012 Eve, 2007 Melina, and Laycool)

  22. I'm fine with Carmella winning even though I wanted Piper instead. I'd rather have Piper and Carmella over Nikki though, no shade to her but I feel like she's a bit of an underwhelming pick.

  23. Im not sure if others agree, but Gigi and Jacy had a really good performance which they needed, especially Gigi after her recent rough spots. I actually thought Roxanne was the worst part, not that she was bad, but I really enjoyed the other two more.

  24. Good match by the end. As far as Katana/Kayden go I kinda wish they retained then lost in a rematch but I'm glad the titles got a PLE for the first time in a while. Katana and Kayden getting the longest reign is good but I wish they got more content. It feels like they were in 10 second backstage segments more than they wrestled. They should build some good teams to go against Fallon and Kiana, they've been building a division more and more (adding Fallon/Kiana, Valentina and whoever she sides with, and Alba/Isla) but I hope it's more solidified. Their story was pretty good building up to the title shot and it wasn't completely random so good for them on winning. I hope they can still have good matches without Katana/Kayden there as the best team in the division though, but they're both improving so there's not too much to worry about. Also I randomly liked Kiana from the moment she debuted compared to the other girls from the breakout (from the vignette and good match with Roxanne) it's cool to see how she progressed from that to being included at Deadline to becoming a champion)

  25. I feel like they're setting up a women's tag team scene. If they do introduce new belts and keep going with the current momentum I'd be happy. Tay and Anna, Saraya and Toni, Ruby and Willow are all established so far. If they keep introducing new teams I'll be convinced.

  26. Britt/Hayter, TayJay, Ruby/Willow, Nyla/Shafir, Saraya/Storm, Penelope/Bunny, Skye/Madison, and possibly a reformed baddies (someone to team with Leila) or Renegade twins. Just need to fully establish that 8th team and you have enough for a tournament without it feeling like you're making up teams like recent WWE/Impact women's tag tournaments

  27. I’m not even really sure there’s a feud going on. I think Soho and Melo had a slight feud going on for a couple weeks many months ago.

  28. Ruby and TayJay were fueding for a while during the JAS vs Eddie fued. Anna beat Ruby at Fyter Fest, and Tay broke her nose at All Out. She returned, beat Tay at Winter is Coming, but they beat her up after the match so she recruited Willow. They lost to TayJay on Dynamite... then I don't think they even interacted in the following three weeks to set this up? It was just announced on Dynamite. Tay broke Ruby's hand and nose so a 1 on 1 street Fight would make sense, but Willow and to a lesser extent Anna didn't really have enough beef to go street fight levels.

  29. One thing I'll always respect Impact for is treating Mickie James with the respect and reverence she deserves. As well as giving women more opportunities and taking them seriously LONG before WWE ever did.

  30. Mickie is a legend no matter where she is, but ever since returning to Impact she's never felt as respected by a company itself as she does now

  31. Josh Alexander called her probably the biggest star in the company. Reverence is the perfect word. 20+ years and never missing a step.

  32. Mickie showing up for the Rumble last year was iconic, she is still creating great moments even 17 years after the Trish storyline.

  33. DAE MICHITLER (not to confuse you with McHitler) ROBBED AUBRY??????

  34. I'm a Huge Michele fan, she's literally my #2 favorite player all time behind Courtney Yates, And I think Tina was supposed to be on WaW initially, but she got cut

  35. Courtney Yates is a great #1 pick. Tina was the most robbed of WAW imo, one of the first winners who had great moments and she wasn't included sadly. The cast was good on the count of winners, but it had a lot of potential to be greater.

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