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  1. Had an old roommate kill 2 of 3 of our cats. :( safe to say I will never be associated with that f'ed up person ever again.

  2. I'm sorry, but isn't this intentional? If not then the optimal strategy would be to always hide away at the edge of the breach ring and fire inwards. Granted, there's really no need for the effect to continue at such a great distance.

  3. Except that's exactly the best strategy to do breachstones.

  4. If it happened half a year ago then leave it alone and move on.

  5. I think Karst should be S tier

  6. "If you don't want it, I'll take it." if someone says this to me then I'm never talking to them again.

  7. tbh as non native English speaker, these differences always confuse me.

  8. As a native English speaker, these differences confuse me aswell.

  9. I don't mind the loot goblins. I just don't like that the culling/magic find meta is a thing. I'd be happy if they just nerfed mf. I still want crafting back.

  10. At least theres the graphic content flair

  11. I don't think I can see it on mobile? Either way graphic content and Nsfw kinda go hand in hand.

  12. It means it has a cooldown and it is ready to be cast.

  13. That's incorrect, if the skill is lit up, rather than greyed out, it's off coowldown and ready to be cast.

  14. Found a video of my brother doing this (I believe 12 years ago)

  15. As a weapon effect and not as a weapon! This would be amazing. I don't see why it should be slayer exclusive though.

  16. VK = Void Knight. Is one of Sentinel's advanced class.

  17. I feel like this was the best Lucy scene. It's like the only time she smiles soo much and is having a good time.

  18. “Are you some kinda Cyberpunk?” is truly peak fiction

  19. Very. The only thing you can't respec is your class and mastery.

  20. Very true but despecializing your skills in the story (~level 18+) can have some decent repercussions. (coming from someone who mostly plays hardcore)

  21. Tip: Do an XP echo, but wait to collect reward. Respec skills, THEN grab reward, get a few levels insrantly at high level!

  22. Yeah, this is very good but only after you've completed the story

  23. The number is the sauce number... There are a lot of sauces...

  24. I don't think she's under the influence or doing anything related to this subreddit. She just burnt herself. You have to cock back the gun to shoot it.

  25. Where do you see peach fuzz on the guy working behind the counter? The dude getting his nose licked is certainly not working.

  26. He may not be working but he sure is getting worked.

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