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  1. You changed the game pads buttons? Please show an image of this as its greyed out for me.

  2. I thought so as well, but you have to click the button all the way on the right, not the greyed out ones.

  3. Is it true his modern controls SPD is the heavy version?

  4. How do you set it to use your graphics card? I'm getting like 3 fps in the base camp with a 3070.

  5. Are you talking about when you are at the base camp? I have the same problem too, just completed the tutorial and when I got into the base camp for the first time I'm getting like 5 fps and huge fps drops.

  6. Hi, do you mind sharing whatever happened in your case? Did UPS end up picking up your package?

  7. Is your main on a pve or pvp server?

  8. I just started playing the game a couple days ago and I have some questions. I rerolled for War Hero Fen and got him to level 90 and was just wondering why mine seems so weak compared to other level 90 ones. I've already maxed his hp/def/att stats with the red blue and green cats. Where does this difference in strength come from? Is it all from equips or something? I know that you can still awaken him and get him to 120 but right now even level 90 ones are blowing mine out of the water.

  9. I just started playing a couple days ago and I'm kind of confused on how to progress now. I followed some video guides that said to clear chapter 5 asap and unlock side stories and I did. The same guides say to farm equips from the side stories as soon as you unlock them but I can only run the stages 3 times before I run out of all my energy(my cap is 90 currently and each stage is 30 energy to run), not to mention it takes like 20+ runs to get a 5 star equip drop. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better use for my energy right now besides farming equip drops from the side stories? I literally run out of energy in like 10 minutes and I have to wait hours before being able to play again.

  10. I just started playing and I have a question on how equipment farming works. I was told that the "Five Freedom Fighters" side story was a good first event to farm for the magic hat and magic sword equips. Is it just a random chance to drop on any of the stages? I can only clear the EX1 stage comfortably, is it even worth doing that stage? Or should I just get strong enough until I can do the hardest stage before farming for the equipment drop?

  11. Why are they doing a relaunch? Hasn't the original game been running this entire time?

  12. I was on Selection List for a solid 3 weeks and change. Just stay on it. And by “on it”, I mean give them a call, just to check up. Keep it cool, play innocent, but check in and give your name and, of course, do so as professionally as possible (and don’t call again). This is what I did and it worked out.

  13. How long did you wait before calling? And how did the phone call go if you don't mind me asking? Did they just tell you they selected you as soon as you called or something? I was under the assumption that calling was useless.

  14. Wasn’t useless for me. The lady picked up and I explained myself (this after about a week and a half of waiting while on “Selection List”), and she was very pleasant. She said there was nothing to do but wait it out. Hung up, and a week later I got the offer. 👍

  15. I see, was the person you called just the front desk of the usps location you applied for, or was it the person who interviewed you? Because I only see the phone number for the post office I applied to and not the actual phone number of the interviewer/postmaster.

  16. Best reroll method is to single for feng (you’re guaranteed a 5star on first pull) then multi on the other banner.

  17. Whos the second best character I should be going for if I get Feng with a single?

  18. Weaver, Valerie, Charlotte and only grey, or erza if you like fairytale (they’re not bad, just not the best). Pick your favorite. I’d recommend to go for someone other than weaver because you can get him for free from the alchemist.

  19. Is Knight of Clarion Blades Weaver the Weaver that I want?

  20. Hi I have an unrelated question. Do you know how I should spend my skill points as a Miner? I'm level 4 right now and I'm which skills are worth it. Are the handgun damage skills good?

  21. Save them untill level 8 where you unlock the class skills tree, they are much more helpful than the common skills

  22. So should I not put any skills into the common skill tree at all? Not even the increased inventory slots or weight capacity? Just save all to level 8?

  23. Will progress be wiped at any point during early access?

  24. You’ve been pinched. Yes it’s real!

  25. Do you know if the progress from early access will be wiped at any point?

  26. Im so glad this game didnt come to the west. I am playing it and i love the game at its best right now if it reaches the west even in the future even tho we are now sure of that it wont. But you never know. Its gonna be ruined just like every mainstream mmo everyone in the west can keep their ffxiv wow and black dessert or whatever lost ark bs dqx is amazing and the best one out there. DQX made me quit ffxiv after 13 years included 1.0 a game like this should never be released to the west because this game is seriously a master piece. And it might sound rude. But so many games get ruined when it comes to the west. Think about pay to win bs or too expensive shit to buy nah ah pay 3500¥ and 2000¥ for the full game plus 60 days sub with also 20 free day on top of that for a total of 41$ in total! Even you dont have to buy the full game to enjoy it there is even a free trial that feels like the full game! Great community great game 1000/10 keep it in japan stays the best

  27. How long have you been playing it? And can you read japanese or are you using the english translation tools? I've been meaning to try it for a while but I don't know how good the translation is and if I should wait longer or not.

  28. I play it for a few months and it really is enjoyable on a really long term theres alot to do and nice events and all sorts of stuff you can also try out the free trial theres no time limit to that

  29. Are you using the english translation though or can you read japanese? If you are using the translation, is it good?

  30. 3 months. I took daily colchicine when starting Allo to prevent a flare and stopped colchicine after 3 months on the advice of the rheum. I got a flare, he gave me more colchicine and I took it for another 3 months. Now I have been flare free for more than two years.

  31. I see, when you were taking the colchicine, did you take it only when you were feeling a flare up coming, or did you just preemptively take it every day along with the allo?

  32. You get AI companions that are like “friend summons”. Basically you get copies of other players characters to choose from to join you.

  33. How hard is it to get into groups in the endgame as an english player? I heard that most players are japanese and you can get banned for speaking english ingame, so how do you join groups at endgame as an english speaker?

  34. I'm not close to end-game content, but the English community seems to be quite sizable with a group of players at end-game that you can run content with.

  35. I see, thank you for the insight! Is this ingame common phrases tool a part of the actual DQX game or is it one of the tools from the translation team?

  36. That is the original 2012 release and the first three of currently 5 expansions. If you look at version one: rise of the five tribes as the first game you could say that each expansion is a sequel. So effectively that's four full RPGs worth of story content that has been translated.

  37. That's a lot more than I expected! So is everything from the base game and the first 3 expansions translated(like items, sidequests, etc) or only the main story line?

  38. Items menus and story cutscenes yes. Some side quest cutscenes are but not all. NPC text, side quest descriptions, and a few other things are still machine translated as the text for those are saved on the server and not in the game locally. The machine translator we use however deepL, allows for a custom glossary that we use to smooth that along when needed. If and when we find a way to fix that we will do so however

  39. I have one more question: how hard is it to get into groups in the endgame as an english player? I heard that most players are japanese and you can get banned for speaking english ingame, so how do you join groups at endgame as an english speaker?

  40. I'm guessing it's because the reboot servers are already popular enough. Aren't there still a ton of people playing on the reboot servers? Last I saw most of their channels were still full.

  41. Does the standard banner also have a soft pity starting at 70/75 pulls?

  42. Is there any type of pity on the normal banner? Besides the one where you get to pick a 5 star at 300 rolls?

  43. if it like genshin then limited characters dont get add to standard

  44. Is every new character gonna be a limited character too, or is Seele special?

  45. Is it still worth starting this game? Isn't this game multiple years old at this point? Will you be really behind the players who started at launch?

  46. Yeah get your ass in rn. Next patch is going to give a free selector ticket up to Luna, and new players always get another one free (with 6 choices) and then your first 40 rolls in standard, which altogether should net you 3 fine base S ranks, and then Nanami herself.

  47. I see, thank you. Also, do you know if Alpha is still a good character?

  48. Does the N corp Sinclair banner start in 10 hours?

  49. 13h right now. There is a 2h server downtime before the update comes live.

  50. You get your standard weapons and from the crate you can select loadouts like sniper, at, recon, engineer which are pre defined and so far cannot be changed.

  51. Can paratroopers' standard weapon be an SMG?

  52. Yes, but only by default you can't change the primary.

  53. So you can't change the M1A1 carbine to an smg? You can only use the default smg's from the crate? Can you change the crate weapons at all?

  54. I have chatacters on a number of servers , mains are on eu2 and usa3 the playthrough i start sunday will be on eu1 😊 how about you?

  55. Hi, do you know which server is the most populated one? I just started this game and want to join the biggest server.

  56. You can essy get lvl40 anything above that is just not effective without others and it will take much more time to lvl up but if you want to take that hard path you can maybe get 100lvl without others but it will really take 2-3x more time

  57. Is it easy to find random people to party with, or do people mostly just party with their guild members? Also is the english server still populated? I see that most players play the polish version.

  58. I play on polish server (Izin) ppl there mostly play with thier guild, just check on adventure chat if ppl use it and you'll know

  59. Do many people on the polish server speak english? Or do you also speak polish?

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