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  1. uh.. in hindsight, I think I haven't explained the issue adequately. Quick recap: I was using the app, had a bunch of ID'd songs on my account, switched to a new phone, kept using Shazam to ID tracks but DIDN'T LOG IN, assumed logging in now with my older(and only) account would just add the newly ID'd songs to my original list, but instead it only has a list of songs from when I started using my new phone (not logged in). The old list is nowhere to be found. Fin.

  2. Seems you probably have another account out there. Did you try logging in with your Google ID or Apple ID ?

  3. I've never had an Apple device, so an Apple ID is ruled out. And logging in with Google ID is the same as logging in with email. It takes me to the same account. I couldn't care less about losing some random songs I thought were nice (perhaps, just enough to make a post here). I have better things to do. ..however, I still think it'd be nice not to lose. Like, I didn't know the Free bird guitar solo until the church scene in that Kingsmen movie. I didn't know Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times until I heard it for the first time in the end credits of a Louis CK's special. Shazam maintained a timestamp on when I found these things. That was cool.. ah well..

  4. I guess if you want to spend more time on this go through the apple support rabbit hole (if they even offer any kind of Shazam support)


  6. Private Internet Access. You can install on your computers and phones. About $32 a year.

  7. You can do it with a routine in Google Home. Every morning I wake up with a random song of a playlist of mine. Command is "Shuffle playlist [name of the playlist] "

  8. Is this an alarm or a command to play your playlist. My experience with the command "Shuffle playlist [name of the playlist] " is that the first song of the playlist plays then songs are shuffled after that. So I would give command and then say skip song to skip song that always plays first.

  9. It seems no way to get a different song to play each morning for the alarm using YTM. I think I can use Pandora free as the commercial inserts are normally a few songs in so they should not interfere.

  10. I still have a cast button on website youtube. I never use it as I only watch "how to" videos on my computer and if I want to listen to live music I play youtube on my home theater to take advantage of giant speakers and TV.

  11. Where can I find out about the change in prices? I didn't even know about it. I've been paying $23/month since November 2022.

  12. I believe they raised prices in November. I must have had a yearly subscription expiring April 23. I received an email about price increase effective at renewal.

  13. Canceled and did annual 1 person plus youtube red plan for $120/yr. Will keep family plan until end of monthly billing cycle and then it will switch to single plan.

  14. Lions are serviceable at LB. Not a weak spot, not a big strength. Can't have stars at every level. If DBs and DL are above average the LBs will profit.

  15. What BH has done in Free Agency is basically allow us to take whatever we want in the draft. There is no real glaring position of need, beside back up QB. Do I want them to take a QB at 6 not really, but I dont think I would be mad if they did.

  16. They got two DBs in free agency so they don't have to take a Corner at 6.

  17. Yeah and we only have 1 corner next year under contract so it’s still a very big need, I don’t understand how people don’t understand this. Why draft one of the best corners and develop him when we can get the 8th best corner or wait until next year and start a shit rookie.

  18. Amazing that covering hardwood with wall to wall carpeting was an upgrade in the past.

  19. It does need to be plugged in, to the AC/DC adapter or directly into a USB outlet.

  20. we have google nest speakers throughout the home. Can I use those for audio alerts?

  21. I have a Loba finish on my white oak floors. I waited over 1 year, after the floors were finished, to put down a rug in one bedroom. After 6 months with the rug down, there was a very slight, but noticeable difference (if I lift up the rug and compare that area to the rest of the room/floor) - it looks somewhat like a slight shadow where the rug has been (not a significant color shift like what I see in your posted picture). What finish is on your floors?

  22. All I know is a water based satin finish. Don't know brand.

  23. It's very interesting that the area under the rug is yellowing (if I understand the picture and what you have described correctly).

  24. How much would #4 cost? The very experienced woodfloor guy that just did the rest of our floors last week did not really have a clear answer.

  25. I was thinking of switching to a Pixel watch from my Garmin Fenix but not sure I want to give up 2+ weeks battery life for more tie in with my pixel phone.

  26. Ok. I added it. I see it offers to either detect water or detect no water. So I think it will work for what I need but one issue.

  27. "There’s a needle from a Christmas tree in the picture"

  28. A little busy for my eyes. I would have done the inlay with the standard boards all going in the same direction rather than surround the inlay. If that makes any sense... Still it looks flawless, nice work.

  29. Figuring out how to navigate things like this will help you in the real world when you get a high pressure job.

  30. This was for The Cure and they had a verified fan sign up to supposedly stop the bots.

  31. Just a few years back few guys every made it back close to form after an Achilles injury. Hopefully, it will get to the point of ACL surgery and recovery.

  32. Not to sound to dense, what did Joel say to her that Ellie wanted him to swear was "the truth about the Fireflies?"

  33. The lie you mean?? That they couldn’t do a cure, that Marlene was fine (not actually sure if they said that), that there was an attack and he saved her out of the attack

  34. Yes Ellie said: "is what you said the truth about the Fireflies?"

  35. Yeah that was a confusing way to ask for sure, but I think now I agree more with your initial comment. I don’t think she was asking about the attack or “what happened at the hospital,” but about the other immune people (although I think Joel told her that there were other immune people but in the end they couldn’t figure out a cure so they were giving up, does that sound correct?). If that’s the case then the question about the fireflies (that they were giving up on the cure with her) makes sense to ask I think

  36. I would like to get other's thoughts but my question is buried in 6000 other comments. I could create a seperate post but I probably would get downvoted for stupid question.

  37. I don't love all of their songs but I dislike this song for some reason. Reminds me of Paul McCartney and the Wings song "Cook of the House".

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