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My Lai Massacre (March 16, 1968): Vietnamese women and children before being killed by the US Army

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. One of the issues that is seeing many in the left accuse their former allies of shifting to the right, is they never understood the position of those former allies.

  2. Cobe saying things are going to be bad for you reminds me of The Office episode where Dwight tried to give out "demerits".

  3. Yes, but not in the way it should have. It's a net loss if you reduce inequality by bringing the top down. It's a net gain if you do it by bringing the bottom up.

  4. So what's with everything I hear about the state of education in America sucking so much?

  5. The basis for all of these beliefs is ultimately human witnesses to them. Some people claimed they saw Jesus and ate fish with him after he'd died. Some people claim to have seen ghosts. Some people claim to have seen the future. Some people claim to have witnessed the miracle of the sun.

  6. It's true that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and I don't think any religion meets the mark. But both religion and the paranormal do have some genuine evidence behind them, and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. I've heard enough stories from people I trust, and seen a thing or two myself, so that I don't think the supernatural should be dismissed completely.

  7. Once you can show verifiable, repeatable evidence for them (which we require for far less fantastical scientific claims) then by all means, there's a discussion to be had.

  8. This sentencing seems light for the crimes committed. I wouldn't think less than five years for these individually...

  9. I get to work on time every day while taking transit in Toronto. All you have to do is not be lazy and give yourself an extra 5-10 mins incase of a delay. As if there are no delays in car centric areas due to you know… people being horrible drivers.

  10. Transit delays always tended to be 30-45 minute things, which is harder to build in as a buffer

  11. I think this dudes ranting about the way Barrie used to be... Anyone who has lived here for 20 years or more could tell you about the decline of this promising town.

  12. It's not absurd at all. You don't even need to assume the bible is lying, just remove the "team" indicators.

  13. Speciesism is justifiable, but it isn't a justification in and of itself. A more useful question would be: is unlimited speciesism good in all instances? If it is not, what are the criteria by which we can justify it, or limit it? Should there be an utilitarian calculus? If so, how much moral weight should we give to the suffering of animals in comparison to the weight of our own suffering? I think we should take the suffering of animals into account when we do moral decisions. They won't have the same weight as ours, but we should minimize the suffering of animals as much as possible, while also minimizing our own suffering.

  14. I don't think she's arguing that it is justification in and of itself. She's responding to Peggs, who in the OP discussion used "speciesism" as a means of dismissing something as being wrong. She's saying there's nothing wrong with speciesism.

  15. I think I made my point clear enough. There are things wrong, or at least worthy of debate with speciesism. Trying to justify it morally through appeals to nature is pointless. You have to make a compelling moral argument for speciesism.

  16. I think she does a very good job making a case for it throughout the thread. She's not making a popular argument, but people are clearly voting on her position, not the effectiveness of her argument.

  17. Modern showers are pressure balanced which means pressure will drop, but temperature won't change.

  18. There is no concern about that, whatsoever. There was a hullaballoo in 2001 where a bunch of news outlets misrepresented science as saying that general relativity was proven to be wrong and that scientists "sped up the speed of light" by a magnitude of like 200 or some other such rubbish. If you go to the actual article itself though, it doesn't say that. In fact the scientists actually put out a PR statement, outlining what their research actually was about

  19. We can't find evidence of Dwarves carving out our cave systems either. "We can't find evidence of something" isn't a competent argument. By any stretch of the imagination.

  20. It's competent enough s hypothesis that physicists still look for it. I don't think we have biologists seeking Pixies in our gardens.

  21. I was always so upset they didn't take the opportunity in Infinity War, for Peter Parker to reply to both Tony and Stephen, "No Shit, Sherlocks."

  22. It's a bunch of smoke and mirrors and you know it. Nobody wants to work until they die. Full stop.

  23. Folks in the trades go through a lifetime of wear and tear in only a few decades. By the 50s, a bad back or arthritis can make life hell. Tradies don't get paid the big bucks, and rarely have private pensions. Raising the retirement age unfairly targets trades, who should show solidarity and maintain class conciousness.

  24. I said "you're generally right." Just that it's not "nobody." Plenty of people have their jobs as part of their identity, and really enjoy them.

  25. March into the water, and as they drown, the people behind them can match on the bridge of corpses.

  26. It's not enough yet. They need more to form the human corose bridge that they'll need in order to march to America.

  27. I actually miss the old controls on PC. They felt more solid, and precise. They played out in far more exacting ways... There was less gradient about where you might end up. It was almost (not quite) like you were playing on a grid and only had to hit the right square/tile, rather than being on a sliding bunch of pixels.

  28. Hard disagree. At the time the tomb raider games were the shit. You can’t really compare a modern game to a ps1 game.

  29. I thought She-Hulk was OK. Definitely doesn't deserve the hate some people are piling onto it. Her acting was a lot of fun, if I'm being honest. I greatly enjoyed her presence on screen.

  30. I'm definitely getting the Narnia books after reading this lol

  31. Dude says his gf snaps at him and refuses to believe anything that doesnt worship marcos. Its literal conspiracy theorist behavior. Refusal to change your mind when presented with evidence counter to your beliefs is a huge red flag. Tells you a lot about the way that idiot’s mind works. Its textbook fanaticism.

  32. Look at those numbers. It’s easy for people to blame the government but this has always been America, and not just the military. We took what we wanted from Mexico, we take oil, lives, like they’re nothing. We’ve strip mined so many places. Look at what we’re doing right now to countries in Africa, look at some of the deals we cut with people at the top of militaries there, corrupt politicians. There are countries that are among the richest in the world in natural resources that are selling them at a tiny fraction of what they’re worth because doing so means the US government will allow them to stay in charge and gives them comparative pennies in kickbacks. The people in those countries live in poverty so American consumers can have cheap goods and American companies can have bigger profits. That’s just how the world and America are. The truth is I’m glad I live here because if you live anywhere else, you’re bullied by some extent by America.

  33. Historically, successful nations have never set an example for others. They have, instead, made examples of others.

  34. I’m dense urban areas you need to be more aggressive to or else everyone else screws you over. So as everyone moves to smaller areas that driving mentality stays with you.

  35. Signaling is more common in heavy traffic. If nobody is close to you, the only reason to signal is the rules of the road. In traffic it serves an essential purpose of communucating intent to nearby drivers.

  36. Your #3 point is where you don't see the forest for the trees. You've got woke people in this very sub saying "this is precisely what I stand for" and those things are all liberal secular mainstream ideas about the world and politics. They aren't far left crazy talk. They aren't far left anything. They're basic secular humanist values being politicized in 21st century understandings. We are the liberals.

  37. At this point, the center-right is much more liberal than the left. Liberalism focuses on the individual; any form of group identity or collectivism when defining policy is an anathema to a liberal.

  38. I think you are mixing psychology with morality. People have debated this for thousands of years, so it isn’t like we will solve this here, but I think those are two discrete concepts. What you psychologically feel like you should do is different from what you objectively should do.

  39. You can provide no evidence for the existence of an "objective should." All morality we've ever encountered is subjective. Objective morality is nothing more than anthropocentric speculation.

  40. I won’t argue for the existence of objective morality, but I will argue that subjective morality is an oxymoron. If it’s subjective, then it isn’t morality—it’s one’s opinion of or feeling regarding morality, which is a different concept than morality itself.

  41. Subjective morality is the reality that despite morality being a human invention, no two people who have ever existed share their morality, and there does not exist any authority by which to define a proper one. There is no single morality, just 8 billion separate ones.

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