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Tallarn boys

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  • By - RbnDH

  1. Of course! The pants are castellan green base, with a athonian camoshade wash. Then mixing in straken green and nurgling green for the highlights. The jacket is plague Brown (vallejo) with a sepia wash and a mix of plague Brown and screaming skull as a highlight. The scarf is rakarth flesh with a sepia wash and rakarth and pallid wych flesh highlights.

  2. Yeah they are expensive, i had to wait a long time until i found affordable Tallarn. Plus i had to scrub a lot of old paint off.

  3. Do you mind if I ask what colour you did the rifles and shoulder pads in? Just about to start painting my first Tallarn

  4. The base is castellan green, washed with athonian camoshade. The highlights are castellan green with straken green mixed. And Final highlight is with some added nurgling green to the mix. Good luck with painting the tallarn!

  5. Thanks! For the cloaks I used Plague Brown (Vallejo) as a base, a sepia wash and then highlighting with a mix of Plague Brown and Screaming Skull (2:1, 1:1, 1:2).

  6. I'd love a paint recipe for those Tallarn tunics, they pop really well!

  7. Thanks, i used Plague Brown (Vallejo) as a base, washed with Seraphim sepia and then highlighted with a mix of Plague Brown and Screaming skull in a 2:1,1:1 and 1:2 ratio.

  8. I followed someone elses scheme for the headscarves, he also has some nice schemes for the rest:

  9. I ordered there several times. They are very reliable in my experience.

  10. Its basically the standard cadian scheme of green with zandri and with added camo of Skrag Brown outlined with ushabti bone.

  11. These are the units that got me into the guard back in 5th. I bought them back then, and had them unfinished in a box (with some vostroyans that were just newly released back then). After moving and new work i stopped painting shortly after. Corona lockdown renewed my interest in 40k and painting so decided to finish them in the classic scheme. Its so much fun painting these older models.

  12. Looks really cool. Awesome camo pattern.

  13. Hi all, i have painted up these tallarn over the past few months c&c welcome! Next step is to add a Tallarn themed leman russ. Does anybody have tips on nice tallarn tank paint schemes? I want to try something different than zandri dust, something that matches their yellow-brown overalls.

  14. Wich yellow did you use ? It pops so nicely. I use a mix of "Dunkelgelb" and other ww2 ish colors for my tallarns. Might work for the tanks too. Nice solid job right there :)

  15. I used Plague Brown (Vallejo) as a base, a sepia wash and then highlighting with a mix of Plague Brown and Screaming Skull. Dunkelgelb might work well on the tanks, do you use the vallejo WW2 paints? Thanks for the tip!

  16. These guys always looked so cool. And your paintjob really makes them look even better. Awesome work!

  17. A few squads i bought in store in the past. I bought some more via eBay last year, but prices have really gone up last few months.

  18. I've wanted to get more than my cadians. Namely mordarin iron guard. Was it a GW store or a different hobby store you bought them from?

  19. It was in a gw store.. but really long ago. Nowadays your best bet is probably eBay.

  20. Looks awesome! I like your colour scheme.

  21. Great minis! That Hellhound needs track guards though. ;)

  22. Yeah, in hindsight i should have put a magnet under the tracks :).

  23. Very nice! Love the Basilisk crew covering their ears. The hull colour is what I've been picturing for my Praetorian vehicles, so if one wanted to shamelessly steal this scheme, how would they go about it?

  24. Thanks! I used a zandi dust base, an agrax pin wash. Then a heavy karak stone dry brush followed by a light ushabti bone and administratum Grey dry brush.

  25. That looks impressive! Never seen so many vostroyans together. These models have so many details.. must have taken a lot of painting sessions indeed.

  26. Your army looks awesome! All your different units fit so well together and still have so much character.

  27. Your army looks amazing! Also really like the colour on your vehicles.

  28. Same here, i live the Netherlands. But my gw package has been stuck in a distribution centre in germany since 15th of January. I hope they will deliver soon, because i want to start building and painting haha

  29. I love them, but painting them takes so long. But still enjoy all the little details. Almost done with my first 1250 pnts

  30. Same here, didn't touch my imperial guard for over 10 years. But enjoy painting so much again now that i have the time (and money to buy what i want). Just finished my first 750 point this month.

  31. Looks good! I just started on two vostroyan tanks in a similar colour scheme.

  32. Looks great! I like what you have done with the bases. Fits the vostroyans so well!

  33. can i ask you the paint recipe? that looks good!

  34. Yeah definitely, i basecoated it in zandri dust, then washed agrax on only the recesses. Followed by a heavy karak stone drybrush on the entire model and a light drybrush of ushtabi bone and administratum Grey for the raised edges. Tried to made some armour chips with rhinox hide and leadbelcher.

  35. What type of playstyle are you going for? What type of player are you (narrative, competitive or somewhere in between). Are there any other guard units you like that you’d want to use? It’s hard to give any advice based on a 750 point list without more info.

  36. I am aiming for somewhere in between competitive and narrative. Basically i am looking for a list where i can have a chance of winning, and discover what playstyle (and units) suits me as i go (and expand my units from there). Thought to start out with some infantry and artilary as a base, but i guess ill be lacking mobility then.

  37. The strengths of Vostroyan to build around are their extra 6” shooting range and the Vostroyan Pride strat for +1 to hit.

  38. Thanks for helping! I made room for a punisher and executioner, dropped the Lascannon from the infantry (will drop the rest of the HWTs when i have the replacement models) and made one tank a tank captain (by rule of two i cant make the other tank captain right?)

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