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BBBY Megathread for August 22nd 2022

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  1. How is that special? You can do that right now.

  2. Hey, their subscription to Cattle Fuckers Monthly went up. They have to pay for it somehow. . .

  3. Fuck any evangelical. Let them bathe with toasters.


  5. Sweet cream and horseshit, the world is falling apart.

  6. When the waitress gives out those little creamers I chant UHT until they throw me out.

  7. Fucked around and got a triple double (digit loss).

  8. Golden Shower. Didn't like it. It felt a whole lot like just getting pissed on. 0/5 boners for that kink.

  9. Julie Andrews running up the hill in The Sound of Music.

  10. The fact that the major powers will eventually use their nuclear weapons.

  11. Metro has always been a fucking rip-off. It's less than 1/2 that price anywhere else.

  12. I guess you could get behind this if you enjoy several dozen seagulls simultaneously taking a dump in your mouth. That's the nearest equivalent of eating a slice of Pizza Pizza.

  13. Apparently it’s in the testing phase right now and really only in Toronto locations. Expected to expand next year. I asked someone working at my Tim’s this morning lol

  14. My sincere hope is that this starts the long awaited downfall of this brain-damaged brand.

  15. I don't understand Tim Hortons at all.

  16. It's all over but the crying. Mark Baum says ZERO!

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