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Kid shows up to black peoples house with whip

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  1. Fixed the issue, used a not so smart method of draining it and it’s blowing cold now

  2. The compressor is cycling. Did you do the recharge through and a/c machine? If not I would definitely take it to a shop so the system can be vacuumed.

  3. It goes Botha abs for men and women, but women can opt out if abortion is legal, and men can’t, another double standard, and I’m just voicing my opinion and you call me and “incel”, someone is shallow and can’t debate and would rather throw insults

  4. Hey remind me again, who will be carrying am essentially parasitic lifeform for 9 months?

  5. For one, there are lots ways to prevent pregnancy that is free, if you want to have unsafe sex with no protection it is the responsibility of your actions, and it’s funny you call children in the womb parasitic, the same way that hitler described the Jews, he called them parasites of the new world and said that they needed to be extinguished

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