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  1. How about clickbait? The article seems to contradict its own headline, with the following statement:

  2. You might remember the name, "Alina Habba" as the Trump Organization lawyer, who claimed "there is no such thing as the 'Trump Organization’" after earlier introducing herself with: “Good morning, Your Honor. Alina Habba for Trump Organization, Donald Trump, et cetera,” she said on Nov. 22 in a New York City courtroom.

  3. Probably a really dumb question, but is it safe to assume Active Outages is generally usually around 0-10 at a time?

  4. Looks like the title of that article is currently "Under pressure, George Santos steps aside from House committees"

  5. When I inputted the link to submit the article this was the title that was generated. The last time I edited the title after submitting a link the post got flagged. This time around, I just left it as is since I have no idea which way is correct anymore.

  6. Check these guys. Good folks. Give 'em a call to see if they have the wherewithal to work on the old truck.

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