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  1. He will be voiced by me personally, I feel confident I can match his tone of voice👍🏻

  2. Can we get a clip in your best PS voice saying “I want some khajiit bussy”?

  3. Me personally? I just can't bring myself to care for something that won't happen for at least several decades. Skyblivion started development when I was in middle school, and now I'm in college. Skyblivion honestly might not even come out before the next Elder Scrolls, and by the time Beyond Skyrim comes out...well, Betheada very well have made all of Tamriel playable anyway. It's just too monumental of a task, and by the time its out, superior elder scrolls games will be available, and I cant see myself coming back to Skyrim.

  4. I was in Uni when I started the project and work full time now. The biggest problem with these projects is time. Our goal: to remake a AAA that took a full time dev team filled with professionals years to make. Our reality: we are mostly hobbyists who scramble whatever free time we have together to make something cool.

  5. The stone texture is miles away from the original !

  6. Thats because we remade it, our way. If people want a carbon copy of Oblivion than you might as well play the original😄

  7. Love it, and the God ray effect at the background the ambience fit great for a Ayleid ruin

  8. I never understand people that follow passion projects like this only to shit all over our efforts like this.. whats wrong with you

  9. We have talked about the first release being an alpha, beta or early access. Simply because we know there will be bugs

  10. It should work, but I dont have the money to get a Steam Deck and test it😅

  11. Appreciate the faith, now lets prove reddit right :p

  12. TL;DR fr first box: Morrowind quest system hard got spoiled by newer games

  13. If we dont share anything for a while people will come to our channels to say the project is dead. At the same time for many people the project is taking too long, I myself did not anticipate it would take this long to finish it but a lot of challenges arose that we didnt anticipate.

  14. What is one of the biggest issues that has made your guys work harder? If you wouldn’t mind disclosing that with us of course.

  15. Its difficult to find people who can implement quests, its also difficult to find people who can make 3D assets. On top if that theres a shortage of people who can put the assets in the game which is a niche skillset, this goes double for anything the player or NPCs need to be able to wear or equip in any way.

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