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  1. Im glad the sanctions against Russia are working.

  2. like you say, improve the work culture, a better environment for the grads, and socialise.

  3. Job envy. Not everyone can become one. You have to have the ability to drool involutary out of the side of your mouth, drag your knuckles and lie like a Flatfish.

  4. If they don’t want to accept Australian history and the current multiculturalism then why don’t they go back to Croatia?

  5. Personally I think he's overrated. Overrated when he left, overrated when he came back.

  6. How can they say this when the whole lot of them were chanting "za dom spremni" a chant that UEFA has consistently punished and which an expert advisory council put together by their own government said should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

  7. Like the rest of the free world, will look the other way.

  8. Thank you Mr Brodie. Exactly what I was saying yesterday and inexplicably was downvoted. Presumably by pundits who would rather live in their echo chamber than face reality head-on.

  9. Leave the kid off the application would be my suggestion.

  10. Dwight York must be feeling sick in the stomach watching this. Not by his standard .

  11. how can a bunch of painters and plumbers pin back a mutli million dollar a-league team . Defies logic.

  12. Imagine if arzani could finish

  13. He can't finish nor can he play without the ball. A monolithic player. He'll be lucky to go the world cup if he's game doesn't pick up.

  14. So will they be lowering their prices since they raised them due to supply issues?

  15. They'll try to use immigration again but we'll be competing with Canada and NZ who are doing the same thing (I am pro-immigration and an immigrant, but we need to build infrastructure to support it which does not happen currently).

  16. Australia is closer to the Indian subcontinent than Canada and preferred over NZ.

  17. keep at it, you should see some overall benefit in a few weeks.

  18. Unless Ukraine concedes the four contentious regions to Russia, NATO will not accept them. Territorial disputes will preclude their membership.

  19. Wtf? Where on earth is the correlation? Your probably going to find aspects of fascism in most countries unfortunately, does not in the slightest mean we should accept it.

  20. Of course there is correlation. It's the western society we live in.

  21. Ignoring it simply excuses it. I want my fascists loud and proud so we can prosecute and squash them

  22. The fact that Russian trolls & bots are suddenly going turbo with this story/narrative is highly sus … it’s almost like Russia is trying to desperately stir up international drama.

  23. What international drama you clown ? Russia has already stirred up international drama.

  24. I bought a car radiator from ebay once and the seller advertised 3 year warranty. The thing blew up after 2 years and when I tried to contact the seller, they were gone.

  25. Employment market dynamics have changed so much since the last recession, that i doubt we'll get hit hard this time, if it ever did come.

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