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  1. It used to be milky ways (which I still like) but I’ve really recently acquired a taste for airheads.

  2. "Redhead" in the context of this film is another word for "Caucasian person with red hair" to these people. Nevermind the fact that white people aren't the only ones capable of having red hair.

  3. I think it is a fair list and rather accurate - Pricing has always been insane during this season and post pandemic travel prices are WOW just WOW

  4. I think I have stayed at just about all of them - I used to be a branded hotel kind of guy, but I love to say at Inns in places like CT/New England. Does anyone else have a favorite place to stay?

  5. My two greatest leaf peeping experiences have been upstate NY (I try to get up there to visit family every year around October - my family is great, but the leaves are spectacular) and the Blue Ridge Parkway + Asheville, NC area. I live in SC, so this one is a nice weekend getaway trip.

  6. wisdom teeth! why do we have them. yes i’m a little salty about needing all four removed why do you ask

  7. The are no views from Cunningham Tower as it is a ruin. The summit of Mohawk has the view.

  8. Oh cool - Thank you my first time to be in the area for the change when is it at its best?

  9. Pineapple. Come at me! 😂

  10. Anything with cheese. Or just cheese.

  11. not really. im a pretty outgoing person who is definitely a conversation leader and starter. i just have a habit of staying quiet when i don’t feel like talking or if im in a setting where i don’t want to mingle. and people confuse that with me being quiet or shy when i just like doing my own thing sometimes.

  12. The Spanish word for "pencil sharpener" is one I find amusing. Sacapuntas, literally "Get points."

  13. I'm the only one in the family around my age with the family's blessing to get married and the only one with a stable job. Feels good to have done everything right and made it out alright

  14. Passing a college exam after cramming in 5 hours.

  15. Captain Marvel. Moving at speed of light or a bit slower make tourism much cheaper, learning abundant, cleaning bearable, dancing on rhythm, vibrator unnecessary.

  16. How we survived before this subreddit and why Fred Flinstone keeps ordering those ribs even after they tipped his car over the first time.

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