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My wife and I like to see how long it takes to notice we’re filming each other. This is one of my favorites.

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  1. I was really afraid of going through it alone. Maybe it's the hormones getting the best of me but I feel like it's my fault

  2. Wanted to be another one to add that you did nothing wrong. They didn't have to look. I didn't look and I was there for all of my kids' births. I just stayed up by my wife's head rather than go anywhere near the messy part. Im good without that image, strong stomach aside.

  3. If your significant other, with whom you have children with, can't deal with you pooping yourself, good luck getting him to change a diaper.

  4. I mean honestly it all boils down to if you feel bad that a multi million dollar company accidentally sent you a bunch of extra stuff.

  5. Most companies like that realize that they foster more good will by just letting the person keep the mistake rather than foster bad will and waste time and shipping for the return

  6. And then get pushed off your bike or ordered at gunpoint because you're reaching into your pockets.

  7. Ive seen these foils, too. Just an FYI to all- They are about the same quality as Commander Legends REGULAR foil.

  8. I do not own any of these cards in foil. Are you saying they are better than the typical foils we have been seeing?

  9. Yeah I was wondering why the people inside didn't just say "fuck off" and dive, then what could the coast guard do then

  10. I'm not current or prior US Navy or Coadt Guard but if the unknown sub decided to dive after being challenged in US waters the next step would probably be to shoot the sub as a possible national threat.

  11. Wrong party. You're looking for them over there on the right.

  12. So many missed opportunities for him to shut up and stop bothering her.

  13. Christians were told by their God to be kind and fair to people, to take care of the poor and sick, to turn the other cheek, and to say their prayers in private because only then will he listen. I don't know many who follow any of that shit.

  14. Because if we're doing it right you won't know were doing it at all.

  15. Poor security guard with the "i don't get paid enough to make this man leave" face.

  16. My name is Laura and I am the alter artist Lur Altered 🦋🤗 you can find all information on my Reddit page. I'm mostly active on Instagram (@lur_altered) or Facebook (Lur Altered) 🤗

  17. I think the first 2/3 would be very disappointed in the last third over how far backward we've gone as a society.

  18. Its nice to know that you Australian folks also have to deal with the sovereign twats too.

  19. Your neighbors know your schedule, and they are in fact running more efficiently thanks to your outlets.

  20. All the soap/shampoo from the container in the shower, but leaving behind the empty husk.

  21. For real. Her “awe really”, “gross” is somehow super endearing 🤣

  22. Because she's used to hearing it and isn't surprised or truly disgusted by it anymore.

  23. A whole generation who doesn't know that cartoon, let alone the joke.

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