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  1. Čuvalo je navjecu bitku imao privatno..Tri sina su mu se predozirala i umrla od heroina i zena mu se sta je taj covjek prošo to je čudo da je ziv uopce

  2. Za podcast nemam vremena ali išao sam čitati o njemu i priča je odlična. Veliki sportaš (i humanitarac kasnije) o kojem se fakat malo zna. Ja sam sada čuo za njega a ruku u vatru da ni drugima nije previše poznat. Hvala na postu!

  3. I’ve read a lot about george cuvalo. It is maybe biased to say it that way but only bcs it is not so known here in croatia. Tbh I don’t know much about mate parlov, but he is first who comes to mind for everyone when you mention boxing and croatia. I would love to see that podcast so feel free to notify me.

  4. Released the episode the other day, some really interesting and funny stories if you still want to listen!

  5. You should check out one of the best matches ever recorded between slovenian fighter Cezar and croatian fighter Jajan. It's like watching Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali, but they were too poor to make it to the West.

  6. Pretpostavljam da je OP mislio na pjesme koje najviše naginju heavy metalu. Koje su najviše "heavy".

  7. Imam ti playlistu sa cca 45h metala, punka i hard rocka iz HR i Srbije pa ako te zanima mogu ti poslat pa sam istrazi

  8. Doubt that there will be any broadcast on our TV.

  9. That's not really correct. Moj can also be "my" and moje can also be "mine"

  10. Yeah, it's really weird. I watched the 1:01:50 clip... It sounds like he was confusing it %territory held, which isn't even true (although closer to the truth than %population),

  11. Yeah and that wasn't the only time, they've said that same exact thing maybe 4 times already. Must have meant territory yeah

  12. Yeah makes sense, just crazy to me that Fifa published it and didn't realize their mistake. There was no backlash from Croatian media?


  14. Radije si pucati u glavu nego raditi u Transcom ili M+Connect. Najviše vole strance jer ne znaju zakon i onda ih izrabljuju do bola

  15. Kod nas imaju samo omladinske škole iz kojih se samo izvlače pare bez ikakvih napredaka igrača

  16. Zasmili kakve igrace bismo imali ako dobijemo neki novi sustav za sportove u skoli za koje ne morate platit. I iz kojeg mozes ici ravno u profesionalnu ligu kao kod nas u SADu

  17. I really don’t understand how people come to these conclusions. Americans can literally buy a new bike for $150 from Walmart.

  18. In the US you can't get to many places with a bike especially in the cities. I had to take 4 different freeways in Los Angeles for 2 hours just to get to work every day. There's no way I'm gonna bike that. Our cities aren't built to be walking cities like in Europe except for New York, so everything is far away.

  19. It's "important" in social gatherings for getting drunk af. But I wouldn't say it's culturally important. I might be wrong. That being said I drink rakija instead od coffee in the morning, but I don't see many others doing that.

  20. Moonshine made from home made pear wine, I married into a Croatian family, shots at every family event.

  21. I suggest you join some local Dubrovnik group on Facebook and offer someone money to get you stuff, I'm sure you'll find someone there sooner than on Reddit

  22. We use anchor, it’s by Spotify and more importantly it’s free, it’s helped us get on about 25 platforms over all now and acquire several sponsors.

  23. Did sponsors for your ads trust anchor stats? Or what was the problem with the accuracy

  24. Can you rewrite the URL’s using portrac and have their analytics? I just use the free package but it’s pretty good.

  25. I can embed the podcast onto a website with that? Or it doesn't matter what platform I use to embed once I do that

  26. Yah man, I wonder where this kid got the money. Two AR's, EOTech, 60 mags, and 1k+ rounds. That's like $8,000.

  27. That's 7 months working min wage (7.25) job, or you can just use credit cards.

  28. FWIW, I co-host a very niche podcast (about cycling fashion) and we were approached by a sponsor when we were only at about 300-400 downloads an episode (have since grown to over 1,0000 per) and they found value in the fact that we are so focused. I wonder if you might be able to pitch yours that way, it's such a specific show that you could look for sponsors like travel agents, hotels in Croatia, etc. The kind of business that could benefit from people that live in or want to travel to Croatia.

  29. Good to know, thanks for sharing! Yeah I might start reaching out to some companies in those industries then.

  30. Zdravko Mamić is arguably a very competent director of football who is also a criminal, junkie, and an extreme piece of shit. Currently making use of his dual citizenship and escaping prison (you could say he was even allowed to escape) in Croatia by residing in BiH.

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