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  1. Do you ever do any roleplaying or is it usually a playthrough with XP being the goal? It would be really hard to me to justify a lot of needless slaughter because my characters are either goody two-shoes or careful/sly evil.

  2. Probably Lalo pretending to be dead even after he phones Hector and he knew the game was up. At that point just spend 2 minutes phoning the Cousins and go "Hey, I'm alive and going to expose Gus. If you don't hear back from me he definitely killed me.". But that couldn't happen as Gus is on hold terms with the Cartel in BB, so Lalo has to continue being a one man army and needlessly not check in.

  3. Walt directly murdered both Mike and Lydia. It's missed a fair few crimes like him blowing up a nursing home (yes it was to kill Gus, but anyone could have been near that room when it blew up) he also killed any number of people selling a dangerous drug lol.

  4. I always figured that due to the rush, he just didn't have time to memorize all his spells and otherwise would have won the fight. You don't fight a dragon AND injure it without being pretty hardcore.

  5. Because they are disgusting disease spreaders like wild rats. Great as pets apparently but no thanks to wild ones.

  6. All the filthy, nasty looking pigeons are the ones that live in cities, among us. Telling really.

  7. Yeah, it is a bit of a shit show here - but I'm not that bothered. I assume there are probably more niche subreddits like GPT-Coding or GPT-Ad-Copy which is a bit more filtered (I haven't looked)? If not there probably will be, and they'll likely be less spammy than here.

  8. At that level of technology nobody could or would even try to fight a flying god who can cause earthquakes, change the direction of rivers, push islands away, scorch the earth. His biggest challenge would be the logistics of trying to maintain control of the world. Its a big place for one guy.

  9. I would guess that a lot of people would believe him to be a god, worship him and keep things in order on his behalf so he doesn't need to personally move from place to place. Possibly scenario I guess.

  10. I think in time there will be a lot of established alternative subreddits that are more niche to your tastes that you can visit, like codingGPT/storiesGPT etc etc. While this place remains a shit hole with a bunch of 13 year old and adults with the mentality of 13 year olds trying to get an AI to agree to Nazi propaganda and eugenics.

  11. He'll probably get killed by the infected before he finds them. He's handy with his 1890's weaponry, but he's not going to be mowing down hordes of monsters with them when they inevitably get alerted by his noisy horse. He also doesn't understand modern architecture and will get very confused by ruined cities.

  12. Honestly, what is this production? Would be an improvement with a bunch of chairs in a circle in and empty room and let the Islanders hash things out, cheaper too!

  13. Mcu quicksilver is pretty slow. He got hit by gunfire which isn’t super great in the pantheon of speedsters.

  14. Yeah, I'd say either him or A-Train from The Boys.

  15. That sounds like an incredibly impractical place to live.

  16. Society becomes immortal but it becomes really unpleasant to have any kind of ailment that isn't instantaneously fatal. Broken arm? Hospital has no doors, so to get that fixed you'll have to walk in front of traffic.

  17. Eh this is just wishful thinking. E.g. in 18 the reasoning is flawed. You could have said that cctv / security cameras will do away with the guards jobs. What happened it automated and made it more efficient. Still need people for decision making and interventions.

  18. This is what I said too. A security guards purpose (partially) is to act as a physical human deterrent for someone breaking in. An AI is not going to add anything to a security guard, CCTV and PIN/Locked doors.

  19. Security guard is a bit questionable. Virtually their entire purpose is a physical, human presence to act as a deterrent. We already have CCTV and locked doors - what's an AI going to add to that?

  20. Online Police don't arrest you so literally every crime results in immediate execution without trial. The good news is that almost nothing actually is a crime, so unless you accidentally rear end a police car (a crime instantly punishable by death) life can be somewhat normal.

  21. That's only single player though isn't it? Online Police just kill ('s been literal years since I've played).

  22. He does have a fantastic mane.

  23. Me too, i always feel uncomfortable and even a little vulnerable without shoes on. Shoes are always on at mine and I don't have any friends who insist people remove shoes in their houses.

  24. What do you do about your couch or bed? Do you just have your shoes next to your bed?

  25. People's pee and shit germs are all over their houses. Now they're on your socks.

  26. It depends. If they say you can wear your outside shoes in their house you're probably right and I'll keep them on.

  27. Isn't Penny-wise completely powerless if his victims are not afraid of him? Iirc that's why he needed a living human (that bully guy I forget the name of) to act on his behalf. He was also beaten by some kids that said they're not scared of him anymore and shot him in the face with a catapult.

  28. Bro wrote a vanilla website using modern HTML5, CSS3, and ES6 and called it 90s style

  29. Also, isn't it normal to learn and understand the basics of HTML, CSS and JS when you start Web Dev? It's what I did and what I assume everyone else does (learning to walk before you run and all that). I never imagined that starting out by creating a few things that way was '90s tech' - but I might be wrong.

  30. I think it’s more that he simply knows too much of what moff Gideon was up to. He was the lead scientist after all.

  31. I did think this, but if the idea was to get rid of him it seems way more sense to just flat out kill him and set that up in some way - they were alone together quite a while too so hardly difficult. The mind messing machine made me feel like he still has a practical purpose.

  32. James with magic is definitely more versatile. With Magic you can do almost anything.

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