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My girlfriend left me on the day I was proposing without any explanation

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  1. omg my mum said something about cancer bc i’ve been picking at this one spot on my head since i got a tick bite in 2019 although it’s been really bad recently and this fully freaked me out so if anyone knows about this pls lmk haha

  2. personally i don’t mind when ppl tell me to stop picking, not everyone does tho so i’d ask them but maybe even if they like physical touch you could grab (gently) their hand and hold it to stop picking and maybe even if you have a conversation to figure out what triggers picking and if it can be avoided to help avoiding

  3. yes although i always just assumed it was bc i used to bind (i stopped bc of the rib pain)

  4. I'm in this same boat - need safety boots that I can stand wearing all day because they're really terrible - I'm outdoors a lot, but also inside in a greenhouse with all concrete floors and we have to wear steel/composite toe/shank.

  5. jackaroo steel cap work boots, had to get them to work in the supermarket but they are definitely the comfiest shoes i’ve worn while working and being on my feet all day (you can buy them from kmart)

  6. yeah and then especially when i go to the gym and wonder why everyone isn’t getting back pain doing bench press

  7. I can still send unconverted MOBI files via Calibre. I wonder when the cutoff will actually take place?

  8. i have no idea but i sent a mobi file straight to my kindle a week or so ago

  9. Set the fill color before drawing the rectangle. Your drawCell function should look like this:

  10. But to not have any symptoms? I played college soccer

  11. i mean everyone’s different and i’m not a doctor but my rhum did say it often seither becomes apparent around 16 or in 40s-50s ish

  12. Since you only have two colors in your grid, your color is binary, and so you can use a boolean.

  13. This is the way to go, you even have the correct logic set up with your if-statements.

  14. i thought i had it but now the top row is messed up and the same colour as the second row plus the first cell is black, anyway i wanna cry haha

  15. it seems that the friends have done something here to mess up the relationship but even if you get to the bottom of this and find out it was just the friends i would be very warey of even giving her another chance as she has chosen to believe her friends and walk away without even communicating anything to you at all.

  16. i’ve had one piercing reject and my other cartilage ones got infected and are sensitive but not too bad, my lobe and nose piercings have all been fine tho and my tattoos have been fine as well so i’m not sure if it’s connected to AS or anything, i wasn’t super careful with looking after some of my piercings so maybe best thing to do is get one and take good care of it with a proper mist spray etc and hope that it doesn’t reject

  17. i was put on low fodmap but it just messed with me and made me stop eating because i didn’t have many options to choose from as a result of my already complicated relationship with food, but even when i was strictly on it i didn’t notice any change

  18. i struggle although i’ve learnt to not complain bc people around me will always say it’s not that bad so just suffer in silence

  19. my x rays showed AS in the right si joint however my mri showed nothing, my dr basically just said come back in a few years when it’s worse so i can start biologics

  20. Same with me, the MRI showed nothing. I’m so lost.

  21. i’m just going off the x rays for now bc i definitely feel the pain haha

  22. if you figure out an answer pls let me know bc i too have adhd amount other mental health things as well as AS and istg even with adhd meds the brain fog never clears (i mean i get moments of clarity but it’s not enough to focus on uni work or anything)

  23. sitting on the bus for more than 10 min (i have a 1:20 bus ride twice a day atm )

  24. Aww, poor baby!! What type of surgery did the fur baby go through? 😮

  25. That sucks. I know specialists need to apply to Medicare on your behalf, but I haven’t heard of any one being denied it before. That’s insane. What reason did they give you for not qualifying?

  26. You don’t qualify for biologics?? What’s the criteria where you’re at? That honestly makes me upset and sad for you. Biopics have saved my life…

  27. you have to show white on your x-rays on both sides i only have it on one side

  28. I'm a bit confused by your treatment, usually AS is treated with biologic injections (biweekly or monthly), nsaids (strong anti inflammatory painkiller) or other drugs like methoextrate. Obviously diet may be important too but usually it's secondary or even tertiary to other treatments.

  29. i don’t qualify for the biologic treatment as the x rays only show AS on one side so it wouldn’t be government subsidised, i’ve got a prescription anti inflammatory mobic i believe but it doesn’t take the pain away yk

  30. What a wierd criteria. I have heard that some companies offer their drugs at a very steep discount in some cases so I'd recommend looking into that.

  31. for me it’s not worth it bc you can’t get the meds through the government if you’ve already taken them before so then i’ll never qualify and i don’t think i’d find them cheaper for $30 anywhere when they cost $2000 (it’s the australian hover btw so for each person on the biomedics that’s $1970 on the tax payer which is why it’s so strict)

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