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  1. Did you try this before on your personal device? I receive my paystubs through partner hub on the store computer device and it was convenient. If you’re using the work number website, it doesn’t show just starbucks paystubs, it shows all your jobs information that’s irrelevant now. Also, it’s an annoying process to go through with entering so much information to access your documents. I would suggest using the partner hub on the store computer to print out asap :)

  2. i’m not sure how to access it through the hub app on my phone so i just did it on the internet

  3. I see. I believe you only have access to the hub app through the store computer. I think it’s faster that way if you’re on shift

  4. FACTS bro! We constantly get shitted on for not knowing these drinks when we clearly have nothing to do with them. I personally would walk out for a min before hearing the shit that goes into the drink

  5. “I SAID I WANTED IT HOT” When you swore they said iced or so called “cold” 💀

  6. I’ve worked at places before starbucks that had no benefits at all. I kinda view starbucks as a 8/10 job that has great benefits, but at the same time terrible customers and mediocre work flow/structure. I can see most people’s arguments to increase our barista wages. I consider that maybe in the long run if they were able to increase wages, Starbucks will unfortunately be very competitive, accept more college graduates and not so much teens if starbucks increase their pay. Not having a lot of job availability for teens starting out and more props to people in their 20’s. Idk, it’s just a thought.

  7. The Kardashians. Their family line of overpriced mediocre products and delusion to relate to “middle and low classes.” It’s disgusting and weird

  8. you realizing you deserve better is a great sign. i think it’s possible to manifest him back, delete and revise the old story then let it go by assuming he’s with you. or this manifestation/want could be blocking your true blessings. understanding that the universe knows and plans the best for you. regardless, i think you also should deep dive into your intentions with him then go from there. it’s ultimately up to you, you are more powerful than you think 🤍

  9. Curse reversal? Is that what you mean?there’s also a cleanse and clear ritual to remove specific spells that’s been cast over the target. Just depends on what you want and the situation!

  10. i believe so. i’m not the one who casted the spell, it was most likely a third party

  11. It would depend on the kind of spell, but generally, major changes for the better or worse, though those can also be the result of many other factors.

  12. an ex friend of mine is a sweet, genuine person when i met him. but his demeanor and attitude towards me changed. he’s now irritated or bothered

  13. I presume you have no other explanation, then? Or is there something that might suggest why they have had the sudden change?

  14. i’m unsure. in our relationship, we had rough patches. i’ve acted out on aggressive multiple times during arguments without realizing it. during those arguments, my friend barely communicated his feelings because he claims situations don’t end well when he talks about the feelings. it was a back and forth, but i remained persistent to say we can work it out by communicating. but there was always his “closed” off tone. i tried my best to be patient by asking small questions, he continued to be closed off and avoid talking about it. but towards the end when i had panic attacks, he was never there. just resumed our conversations like i wasn’t just crying, like nothing happened. towards the end, we ended things harshly. he has an ex that’s interested in witchcraft/tarot/crystals i believe. i came to two tarot readers, both claimed he’s under a powerful spell that he’ll react hostile with me and bring him back to her. but then again, i might’ve not been a good friend? he triggered my anxiety a lot which is when i react in aggression. i never meant to, it was from a state of him bringing up my sensitive past. i was apologetic and apologized when i did. he continues to blame me for everything. a reason i thought the spell is a possibility is because he found an evil eye bracelet months ago. this evil eye bracelet was from his ex to his sister, but he found it in a random place in his house. during the time he wore this evil eye bracelet, he had about 5 near death experiences within a week. he made a very personal attack before he blocked me, which i’m unsure if he made it because he knew the attack would devastate me

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