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  1. You'll only really notice air traffic noise if you live especially near an airport or helipad.

  2. You could put a WHERE clause into your CTE and then your outer select query could then just be, also your group by employee id

  3. I didn't know you could use that syntax, WHERE x IN (a, b, c), thank you for the suggestion. It won't work exactly as suggested though because I need to subtract some of the values

  4. Career high 29 points for domi, 20 for Reaves, 50+ for Wilson. Domi is definitely more comparable to Reaves than Wilson

  5. Different eras. 29 points was good for 237th in the league in 02-03, 52 points in 21-22 was 115th, 20 points in 18-19 was 381st.

  6. Can’t really talk to anyone about it, so.. I started a new job this week, in my dream industry and in the city like I’ve always wanted! 🙂. I want to scream through the roof because I’m awe every time I’m there!

  7. The issue you are encountering is a common one when working with floating-point numbers. Floating-point numbers are represented as a finite sum of binary fractions, and some decimal numbers, such as 0.1, do not have an exact representation in binary. As a result, when performing calculations on these numbers, small rounding errors can accumulate and result in unexpected results.

  8. The thing about 99% of “tech” startups these days is that they’re not producing a new technology; they’re applying it to an existing problem or system in hopes of creating a new, more competitive business model.

  9. If you want some context rather than simply being judged: a large coffee at Tim’s is about $2 give or take. So if you’re purely getting coffee then $20 nearly ten coffees, if you’re getting a whole meal it’s maybe two meals.

  10. If you shoot raw, expect to edit. Check your white balance, if it's off it can heavily affect colours. Your composition is bad imho - I would step back to get the bottom of the church corner in frame. What f-stop was this shot at? I would choose something on the longer side to get more of the church in sharp focus (maybe f/8 or so depending on how it looks when you're shooting?). It also looks like it just wasn't a very nice day outside and honestly not that interesting of a subject.

  11. Planning my day. I don't have any crazy system, I just literally write out a list of things I want to get done before/after work (or whatever events I have planned), and I cross them off as I get them done. It helps me to get more done, and to appreciate my accomplishments more.

  12. Might have to go for a midnight drive soon. I'm gonna miss my Saab (I'm moving across the ocean and can't take it with me!).

  13. I always find it weird when people try to delineate politics from other situations. Like I get it, you want to stay friendly with everyone, but if you're willing to give up the rights of one group of people or screw over a particular group somehow just because it's better for you in some way, maybe you just don't value them very much and you shouldn't be surprised that they don't like you very much. Politics is embedded in, like, everything.

  14. I like EG having the courage to play Fiddle, but into Graves vision control and Sylas with the ult steal, not the best comp for it.

  15. House music is for people who don’t actually like the music, just the party and social element of the rave, and that’s ok, just don’t ask them any serious questions or what song is playing, you might ruin their roll

  16. Its 80% of the world tbh. Its in all genres. Theres people who only listen to techno cause thats what they grew up with. Trance, progressive house, big room, dubstep.

  17. You pretty much nailed it, I did grow up with it, but it's not that I'm not open-minded. I will listen to some more eclectic EDM genres from time to time, but the ones you listed pretty much cover 80% of my EDM listening. I regularly try the other genres, and I'll find the occasional track I like but I've never really jived with other stuff like big room/trance/prog house. Also, dubstep is at best hit and miss for me.

  18. For me the golden age is like 2012-2016, but I really love a lot of the stuff that comes out these days too.

  19. Don’t worry too much about win rates. It’s more important that you play one champ a lot and really understand their kit, their power spikes, mechanics feel smooth, etc.

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