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  1. Hey there, just put a deposit down on a house in Delry south of Glasgow. I'll be in the UK, fingers crossed by the end of the year.

  2. Oh wow, first time on reddit since a few months and I see this message. Sounds great! :D

  3. Very interesting. I'll have a look into it!

  4. The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix is a great depiction of strained sibling relationships

  5. Well no because no one with a reasonably standard cube would cut blood artist for this. But many, including myself, probably have some flex slots (especially in black) that they could cut for this.

  6. Which ones? As in, this is a bad roleplayer in a deck with two good ones (Artist and Cutthroat), whereas my utility creatures are less focused but overall way better.

  7. Seconded. Proxying is the way to go!

  8. I see you have Reanimate but also Unmarked Grave, are you also running Entomb?

  9. I also run Entomb in that cube. Great card that I wanted a copy of. The next best thing is Unmarked Grave.

  10. Pilot here. Balance and Doomskar actually were my sideboard options against the aggressive decks, boarding out a small reanimator package using Archon of Cruelty. Simply was the best thing I could do, but definetly not my preferred choice.

  11. Time travel! It's simply a step too far in the direction of breaking the fundamentals of everything. Anticipating the ramifications of time travel cannot realistically be done since every basic instinct of us is thwarted. I absolutely despise the idea.

  12. 4 mitotic slimes for 7 mana? Is that really balanced? I was thinking about making it 1 or 2 X, but I thought having 15 sounded more fair, as it's still one free mitotic slime at that rate, but I guess maybe that's not enough

  13. I also think XGGG is quite broken^ XXGG or XXGGG should work.

  14. Or maybe I was thinking, XGGG "create half X X/X tokens" so 2 mitotic slimes for 7? Not sure which is more balanced... any thoughts on commander clause? Been going back and forth on that part too. Thank y'all for the feedback btw!

  15. Don't play Commander, so I can't help you on that one^

  16. At least there is peace - mission accomplished!

  17. i agree but their mana bases tend to be extremely expensive (especially in edh) which makes it hard to get consistent results with them on a budget. i feel lowering the point of entry in that regard would be good.

  18. Since we're in custommagic anyways, you can just proxy expensive cards if finances are an issue.

  19. Kinda goes nice with the flavourtext I think. There have to be clear rules with a dog to get a clean hierarchy in.

  20. I realize that this gives it the ability to tape for mana on the turn it comes into play, but it made me do a search.

  21. [[Force of Savagery]] is always a fun one to point out :D

  22. This is the first time I've seen him, how does he stay on the field with a 0 toughness?

  23. It doesn't. Therefore you need something different to enable the card.

  24. A tough balance, and I don't have a good answer but maybe a suggestion for a new perspective on this.

  25. Personally I'd recommend making it hit non-basic lands only, otherwise it's very similar to [timewalk]

  26. As others have said, Silence does a very similar thing and is better costed. Additionally, opponents get to untap, draw a card, can play a land and can attack with creatures. Still quite far away from Time Walk.

  27. Very cool packs! :D I have a Myr Pack myself and next to Battlesphere I also use Myr Superion.

  28. Wow. Did not expect that :D I think I want to play the black serpent. I love destroying lands! But it's probably a quite bad pick.

  29. There's a few cards that I just cannot pass, and one of them is Mox Diamond.

  30. I did a blind draft of the cube, and I had fun drafting a semi-aggro Jund build using bloodrush and the hellbent mechanics, I did have two issues with the cube.

  31. I know a few powered cubes that also play Boreal Elf. Depending on size it's quite good, unless you play with GGG creatures all the time. Don't see an issue with that.

  32. I have never heard of this. What is that?

  33. So with Goblin Bombardment and Blood Artist out you sac 4 creatures and win?

  34. Yeah that does sound pretty strong, but you are still paying 11 mana for all of that of that plus whatever the four creatures your casting are which are at least 8 in total for 4 0 mana’s. Sol Ring won’t really help either as most of it is colored mana and you can’t really get any of it without rituals turn 1. Though I could be missing something.

  35. Ah sorry, I kind of always think in the lense of Cube^ the restriction with the command zone may make it better.

  36. While I think the idea is sound as is and it would probably blow up the budget otherwise, Green in an Artifact Cube got a way out of hate by focussing on Food and clue tokens.

  37. These are really cool! Batman and the Riddler I like best!

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