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  1. Lol i love goofy hammy videos and pics 😂❤️ what a cute little flOOf ball 🙂

  2. We had that same ice machine before but when we started seeing these metal shaving looking things, my manager put in for us to get a new one and its been great with the ice cubes. Theres never ever any ice cubes stuck together. Its all their own pieces of ice and i love it cuz i dont have to spend time to chop it up before and it also is better for shaken espressos. Im not at work right now to see what the name of the ice machine is or anything about it but we’ve had it for like 6 months now or maybe a bit more

  3. I wish u worked at my store lol i love ur humor and how funny ur comments are on here and on other posts ive seen. Hope ur feeling ok! 🙂 especially knowing that coward schultz is a dunce so u probably got real drunk 😆

  4. Lmao i always loved ur comments on other posts. U always have something clever or funny to say 😄

  5. Isn’t the corporate minimum 12 still? Or did they do away with it since I left in November?

  6. Not the person u replied to but i just wanted to say Its still 12 but i feel like some managers (not all) do this less than 12 hours often because they hope that the baristas they do that to will pick up shifts to make up the average 12 hours a week per quarter

  7. Im so sorry for ur loss ❤️❤️❤️ ur baby was so beautiful 🥹. Im very positive that ur little angel felt loved because u seem like a good pup parent!

  8. I had to explain to a women last week why the chocolate cold brew was foamy and the VSCCB was not because she was saying when she gets the VSCCB it's all liquid but the chocolate is foamy and she doesn't understand why every store seems to "mess up"

  9. Yep cuz it couldnt be her messing up ordering. Its always gotta be the fault of someone else. Lol people freakin amaze me still unfortunately

  10. I have a huge sweet tooth, but I’m amazed people think it’s not sweet enough! But then again I also like black iced coffee, so maybe I’m the weird one haha

  11. Ur not the weird one. We are the weird ones lmao I also take either black iced coffee or black cold brew home with me after my shifts and drink straight black espresso shots during my shifts. Lol and im just kidding about the weird thing. Just cuz a lot of people get sweeteners or syrups in their drinks doesnt mean us people who drink it plain are weird 🙂

  12. oh my god lmao, if i was her id take myself to walmart and call it a day lol

  13. Lol but people always wana buy bulk at starbucks cuz of the name and the brand and how its become such a status symbol. Just because starbucks sells it and its price is sky high doesn’t mean its better quality but people just keep ordering foods in bulk 🙃

  14. What is the point of this? It's $9 and it's gotta be nasty and warm.

  15. Tik tok influences them to spend close to 10 bucks on a drink thats full of sugar and 12 scoops of all the nasty ass dried fruits when instead they can go buy fresh cut up strawberries in a bowl from the supermarket. Or a cut up fruit tray assortment. Theyre literally paying all that money for soggy dried fruit in a big cup of sugar water (pretty much) and all because tik tok told them to 😐

  16. My sympathies to all Starbucks employees for having that man as your CEO / former CEO or whatever he is :/

  17. i thought it was a white chocolate mint sauce?

  18. In another post yesterday, somebody said something about spearmint syrup. So its 2 new flavors apparently. Some mint type syrup and then the macadamia flavor

  19. One of our employees wanted to buy the last one for $100 and try to flip it in like 6 months

  20. the amount of times people reach over the counter when i’m RIGHT THERE ! when has it ever been ok to reach over the counter anywhere??? this guy grabbed a lid from our lid thing last week i again had my jaw on the floor because we asked him like 3 times if he was sure he didn’t want a lid

  21. Typical starbucks customers lol. I have mentioned this before but it still blows my mind. We have sleeves in the sleeve holders right by our lids. This lady one time was with her guy friend and they were talking about whatever and she just casually reaches her arm across the counter INTO MY WORKSPACE and tries grabbing a sleeve out of the sleeve holders. Of course shes only using one arm/hand for it so when she pulls it out, the rest of the sleeves behind and in front of it all popped out and went everywhere on the counter and on the floor. I stare at her like wtf and she says “im sorry, i didnt kno that was guna happen”

  22. what is wrong with people,, i would’ve started screaming. one time when we still had plexiglass at handoff this guy laid on the counter and slid under it to grab a sleeve, thankfully they didn’t go flying but what the hell possesses a person to do that

  23. I dont kno what possesses a person to do that. It sure isnt their brain because those types of people dont use such an organ often.

  24. Yeah, I swear many of the breakfast sandwiches are getting smaller while the lunch sandwiches simply aren't getting filled up all the way.

  25. True AF. Lol the bacon goudas are super tiny most of the time and i was putting away the paninis into the RTDE yesterday morning and noticed one of the tomato mozzarella paninis was so thin and i actually had to double check and make sure there was filling in there. Like wtf nobody wants to pay sky high prices for shit quality food. Small ass sandwiches….does starbucks think that they are one of those fancy restaurants with a huge plate that has a tiny sliver of food on it for like 50 bucks or whatever? Cuz theyre not 🫠

  26. Yeah. I opened a bacon gouda the other day that had neither bacon nor gouda, just a sad little egg on a roll. It was amusing for a moment but also definitely not what we were hoping to see.

  27. Sad little egg on a roll lmao honestly tho, it has become tho norm for starbucks. Quality control has been downhill for a few years now

  28. Exactly! And get this, my manager has basically been bending to another customer’s every whim since a tiny slip up where she somehow threw espresso beans in her mouth thinking they were damn almonds. She’s been getting free almonds even three weeks after the fact. My manager is seriously such a damn wuss like this. She freaks over any small complaint as well. And I’m the middle of writing this, had a customer who threw a fit and rolled her eyes after I simply asked if she wanted a receipt. How the f*** are we supposed to raise the customer connecting rating if this is our customer base??

  29. I cant stand our customer base who have the need to go and leave reviews before they use their brain do some thinking

  30. Here’s a conspiracy theory: what if he actually works in corporate, like in HR or marketing or something, and has access to a set designed after a Sbux DT? I’ve never seen a single shot of him actually taking an order or serving a customer. Maybe it sits empty most of the time and so this ass just goes in there and noodles around.

  31. That would be crazy lol but if that were the case, are the people around him showing up when he asks them to? That actually would be insane lmao but corporate for sure has to be in cahoots with this troglodyte

  32. We should see at the people he follows and if Starbucks follows him your theory is right

  33. Lol i have no tik tok account and dont plan on making one anytime soon but i totally would cringe stalk his page just for that if i did have an account lol

  34. Thank you sweet boy 🥹 hes so gorgeous and im glad he was born into this world for u to find and have him as ur best friend ❤️❤️🥹

  35. Because hes an angel 🥲❤️ i love hamsters. Theyre such precious little living beings

  36. Lolol it sure does. But i told her that i already just finished her drink by putting the caramel drizzle on top and that if i put the 20 packets of sugar in there then it would just be sitting on top and some of it would start sinking to the bottom and she said she didnt mind since she said she was guna mix it anyway lol i could have just done it “upside down” like a latte for her that way the hot espresso shots pulling into the cup would melt the sugars as i swirl the cup.

  37. If she knew what a shaken espresso is she’d know there’s very little milk in it.

  38. But as u kno, people like her love to go into starbucks and pick any drink on the menu that they kno nothing about (which is fine) but then expect it to look like what they enjoy drinking or how they enjoy their coffee drinks

  39. Ah yes the best part of coffee...the non-coffee bits

  40. Right? Lmao “if u drank coffee, then u kno how light it is, is the most important part”……so if i drink coffee, i would kno the non coffee ingredients the most important part?? Lol like what is wrong with people and thinking every single drink is supposed to be filled with loads of milk? I have fun with rude customers 😈 i would have loved to have OPs customer as my own

  41. I’m off tomorrow, I will be watching it while drinking my home made coffee🥴🥴

  42. Luckyy 🥲 i open so im done at 10:45 but usually grab food after work so im not home til like around 11:30 or 12. I kno i can catch it when i get home but then i wish i could rewatch from the beginning like have it recording somehow on my phone or computer and them when i get home, i could rewind and watch from the start. Theres probably a way to do that. Im not really tech savvy lol

  43. Yea i agree with what others are saying about how licensed starbucks locations (that are inside or part of another store) have different products than corporate starbucks locations (which are standalone stores). Also, they could have ran out of their usual lemonade but had to go to the store to get the next closest thing they can so theyre not out of it for the whole day or until their next shipment. Did u get peach juice or something in the lemonade? Just cuz i see the light salmon or pinkish color lol

  44. Me and my girl share a Starbucks app and I thought one of the baristas at the coffee shop was trying to message her 🤣

  45. Literally somebody else on the most active seank post at the moment had commented and said they thought their husband was sneaking around with a barista and that they went on a google rampage to see if baristas can communicate thru the app with users lmao

  46. The ham n swiss croissants are really good. I havent checked how much protein is compared to the egg bites but its really good and i heard other baristas on here say that they tear up a string cheese and put that in the croissant with the other stuff in it. But the other commenter mentioned the perfect protein bars. Those are really good too and rich 😋 but it doesnt fill me up too much when im really hungry

  47. I swear hamsters are the most precious living beings ever!!! Look at that amazingness in one picture. Its actually perfection❤️ happy birthday gorgeous Zsa Zsa

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