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  1. No idea lol I usually go off of hamsters names that are colors,stones,gems,food, tv characters lol.

  2. Lol currently, calling her "my little orb" cuz shes so tiny and round and all white 😄

  3. I was gonna say stick with orb 😂 my next one is going to be a food name I think.

  4. Lol yea i think ill stick with orb for now lmao thats just literally what she looks like. Then if i can find a cute food name for her, i will use that

  5. Good point. What about secretly knowing and not saying anything. I’m semi-new. And me and my ND brain literally malfunction when these drinks happen. I mostly just wanna kinda understand wtf is going on.

  6. Lol well thats up to u if u wana do that but then if u do that, im jus sayin it will like kind of make them think they can just go around saying the names of tik tok drinks without providing a recipe. If they provide a recipe that has a base drink u can start from or something doable, then thats the way it should happen. But they cannot go up to a starbucks and be like "can i get a Cinderella frap?" or something along those lines without any knowledge or copy of the recipe. So if u do end up looking up and studying the trending tik tok drinks and tell a customer that u kno what it is or just say "ok!" when they order it just by the name, they might continue doing that at other starbucks stores where the baristas dont kno anything about that specific drink and then they may become mad or annoyed with the barista for that and theyll assume all baristas should kno it since someone one day decided to call it our "secret menu"

  7. Oh oh I hear you. No I mean like when they do order it by recipe. Like when things have so many weird additions.. I just want to know what their end goal is. But I don’t wanna ask 🤣 “Barbie drink” is the only one I’ve heard ordered by name. Most of our customers have been pretty clear and like understanding of us being stressed. I’m waiting to experience the awful ones

  8. Their goal is trying to get a social media made up secret menu drink that "looks pretty" or cool or whatever. Then there are some people that get mad when it doesnt look just like the picture on tik tok or whatever website. Those people that get mad at that dont realize that theres no guarantee of us making it look exactly like the picture from tik tok because its not an actual starbucks menu item. Yea ive heard of the barbie drink one. Still couldnt even tell u whats in it lol. I do not spend my free unpaid time off the clock looking into these social media drinks because i do not get paid to do that extra work off the clock

  9. Lmao i really love the way this story reads. U wrote it out well. I was so into it too 😄 "is he a serial killer?" So i loved that. But i kno people do this lol one time i had a lady order a venti hot caramel macchiato and as i was doing the caramel drizzle on top, she asked where our sugar packets are and i said we have em behind the counter. So she asked if i could put 20 in there for her. Lol i let her kno that i just had put the caramel drizzle on there and that the sugar would be sitting on top with some of it sinking into the drink. She said it was ok and that she would mix it lol.

  10. Some folks drink disgusting drinks, amd that's how they like it. So long as everyone's polite, I'm not annoyed. Can't help but be concerned tho.

  11. Thats what im sayin! Lol like the lady i was talking about in my comment, she was so nice and chatted with us while she waited and i happily put in those 20 packets of the regular white sugar for her but i also was concerned. But yea as long as they are kind and patient, i will gladly and happily make their drink!

  12. No way this person is that clueless. I cannot choose to believe that because i just hope for humankind

  13. Theres no change or difference from what u were getting. Nothing about the drink changed. The sticker label that goes on ur drinks cup has the name of the drink and then right under that, it specifies the roast of espresso that it comes with which is our "blonde espresso" and not the regular "signature" espresso

  14. Beautiful!! Now i need u to write a book immediately about this kind of stuff so i can purchase it 🙂

  15. Lol nowadays when i see quality control pics on here, my first reaction thought is "of course". Finding foreign objects in any of our foods or oddly made food items that are missing something or have extra of something etc. Quality control fck ups have been so common nowadays for starbucks that its not a huge surprising thing anymore where everyone is in awe (i mean it still is for the gross unsanitary side of things but like its not too surprising at this point) lol

  16. the fumes :/ same thing happens when my face gets to close to mango dragon fruit pieces oddly. makes my eyes sting/water and my throat close up

  17. I can understand this because i had a bag of epsom salt at the house and it was like a peppermint type of smell to it. As soon as i opened the bag to smell it, fumes hit my eyes and it stung so bad. Peppermint in certain forms can have a strong fume to it that stings the eyes

  18. Surprisingly enough, that’s normal nowadays. The food has definitely shrunken in size in recent years, yet oddly enough, the prices keep rising. Hmm.

  19. Yepp lol ive seen a bacon gouda at my store once and the top bread of the sandwich was almost shaved thin. The quality control on our foods has gone way down. Ive seen pics on here of some stores receiving bacon gouda sandwiches without bacon but with the egg and 2 cheese slices. And I've also seen pictures of it without either the top bun or the bottom bun and I've even seen a picture of it with the two pieces of red and cheese and bacon without the egg lol quality control has definitely gone way down and the foods definitely have shrunk in size

  20. Its been pretty small. As much as I like the bacon gouda mini, I stopped buying it cause its just way overpriced for how little food you get. They sell similar bacon gouda minis at Costco, and you get 8 of them for only 12 bucks.

  21. Lol i went to a grocery store near me called Acme. In the bakery section, they had our reindeer cake pops with exact same design and everything. It was being sold for $1.99. U can find pretty close starbucks dupes that probably taste way better at a lot of places for way cheaper

  22. Yea no as long as you know how to use it raspberry is completely fine. Dont go over 3 pumps for anything, 1 ish pumps for a grande. For whatever reason starbucks decided "fuck you, this ones gonna be extremely strong"

  23. Lmao we get teenagers at my store getting a lot of raspberry pumps. Yesterday morning during peak, a young girl had ordered a grande strawberry acai lemonade refresher with light ice so of course it'll have slightly more lemonade and strawberry acai juice and then 6 pumps of a grande. Lol the raspberry syrup is way too strong

  24. Ive mentioned this before on this sub but this one got me the most mad in my little over 2 1/2 years here:

  25. Badass💗 i love it! This entire post gives that vibe 🙂 because u did the right thing and put urself first over a shit company. The way u wrote everything out here is encouraging and 100% facts

  26. Lol im so jealous. All my past 3 hammies never let me hold them. First 2 were aggressive and bit and the 3rd one was a robo dwarf and not aggressive whatsoever but extremely fidgety and scared. I have another robo rite now and she will not let me hold her either. I have only had my current hamster for a week so i kno shes new and getting used to me and i think shes still very young so i wana get her used to me early on. I see everybody holding their beautiful hammies and i wana hold mine 😔

  27. Lol some kids who want a tik tok drink shove their phones in our faces at the register. And then when uber eats drivers come to pick up orders, they shove their phones in the face of whoever is on BAR lol 😐

  28. “hey can i get a caramel mocha” “do you mean a caramel macchiato?” “yeah that one” i make the macchiato and give it to her. she looks at me and says “no i wanted the blended thing” girl a FRAPPUCCINO

  29. Lmao not when a customer states 2 flavors and ur supposed to just make a drink out of it 😆

  30. Actually many years ago, they featured the caramel mocha Frappuccino. You made it right.

  31. Lol well im glad if thats what she was lookin for but she literally couldnt answer any of my questions cuz it wasnt for her. All she had for me was "a caramel mocha. I asked her all the questions under the sun involving any of our drinks with caramel or with mocha and still nothing from her lol idk why she didn't just step aside and call the person it was for

  32. But at my store, a lot of people are just not being scheduled for that minimum, even with having an appropriate availability

  33. Yea that idk why managers schedule people for waaay less than what their availability shows for. But if some people are getting slightly below 12 hrs a week here n there, those hours just have to average out to 12 hrs a week by the end of the quarter i guess by picking up hours on other days to make up for it. But with the 12 hours worked being the new rule, i honestly dont kno why a lot of managers are scheduling partners for less than that if that is an actual requirement now. I feel like they short people on the 12 hrs so those partners can be starved for hours and so they will cover whenever a partner calls out. I feel like the managers do that to make it easier on themselves so they dont have to beg people to come in when theres a call off

  34. We had a customer come through and order passion tea with chai..sounds weird…Absolutely delicious and smells like Christmas in a damn cup. Yesterday we made it hot and steamed in with apple juice. All that needed was a shot of whiskey and a cinnamon stick and it would’ve been 👌🏻

  35. We had a lady order a venti hot brewed chai tea and steamed lemonade on top lol smelled pungent but no clue how that would taste lol

  36. Tastes very ginger-y, almost medicinal. I used to have a customer come in and get a venti steamed lemonade with 4 pumps of chai. I was so intrigued I had to try it. It tastes like something I'd really like if I was sick.

  37. Lol but ive never had our iced/hot chai lattes or brewed chai but when my customer got the brewed chai with steamed that u mention it, it did smell kind of medicinal lol

  38. Wait so shes mad that the inside of the bag has a bit of cheese in it. Wait til she finds out the sandwich has cheese on it too...😱 lol some people are clowns. I don't give a shit what u are going thru or what kind of a day u had....but when u get physical with any employee especially one whos trying to help u, ur trash

  39. Yeah.. she really wanted a refund over cheese on the bag. And it luckily didn't hit him but she 100% threw it at him, confirmed by the car that was behind her.

  40. Unhinged clown. Thats messed up. Shes ok with doing that to another human but she seems like the type of person that would wana press charges if it were done to her. But no she matters more so she can do it because ur allowed to do whatever u want ....🙄

  41. Lmao i was about to say something about it too....i love whoever rung Susan up cuz theyre probly like "nope not today. Stupid tax it is" 😄

  42. I wouldn’t say we’re short staffed, we’re being forced to cut labor. Went from 6-8 person peaks this time last year to 4 person peaks this year. Our sales have risen in the last year. They’re killing us and then wondering why we won’t greet customers (who has time to watch the door when you’re drowning), why our wait times are going up and our connection scores are going down. We have the people for 6 person peaks, corporate just doesn’t care.

  43. I got yelled at for talking to a lady for “too long” when no one else was in DT lane and she clearly wanted a little chat with me — like yall make up your minds

  44. Oh no. Never. A lot of people getting mad and yelling at us. Complaints made to corporate or our manager. Lots of bad survey reviews. Or they’ll just walk in, be told we can’t make the drink, abd then turn around and leave.

  45. Yea i feel ya, we dont have too many things were out of but when a customer does ask for something that we are out of and we tell them that, in my area the people arent too mean about it. They just go "aww man that sucks but ok ill get something else". Like they show disappointment (understandable) but no screaming or blaming or anything like that. Sorry that u guys keep gettin yelled at for shit thats not anywhere near ur fault especially anyone at store level

  46. Damn thats a lot of stuff to be out of especially getting closer to the holidays 😔. Have customers atleast been understanding about it?

  47. And shes still a gorgeous little poop machine 🥰 lol i call my hamster that sometimes 😆

  48. How is ur manager when it comes to requesting days off? Does she ever give trouble or pushback or is she good with it? I mean for the other saturdays that u said u requested off for. Was she cool with accepting those or was she giving u a tough time on them?

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