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  1. When i go from a store to my car I have my ‘protection’ at arms reach. Day or night. I have stopped messing around with my and my family’s safety.

  2. Go to the west u police and report it please. Once reported they will increase patrol in that area. There is construction that parking lot and it is a mess. Glad you are ok!

  3. Unfortunately, Jiffy is too busy making out with fat lips.

  4. Original carts, although they do take up alot of space its worth it as you see the game as it was meant to be. By that I want to look at the packaging, the manual as I would have done as my 12 year old self with my brand new 800XL Promotion from Dixons...

  5. I get you! Recently I bought an atari xegs CIB and it was a great feeling.

  6. That is generally the problem with all these cloud handhelds. It is literally just a razer kishi v2 (although pro model with haptic feedback apparently) with an android tablet the size of a phone.

  7. Steve jobs left out one thing when he introduced iphone in 2007. An ipod, a phone, a browser….and a gaming console.

  8. Please explain. Would love to run emulators on my iphone.

  9. Go to, very helpful guides and videos.

  10. Enjoy. A bit to learn in that space but once you set up retroarch, you can set it up anywhere! I have it even set up in my firestick tv and can play my fave retro games anywhere.

  11. The T10 soldering point is a hard one! I tried it on mine and still have not been able to make it work! Ant tips?

  12. I have three xbox s in my house. So I am going to make wild guess…..the S.

  13. February 28th 2023, RetroGaming4 = Still a 🤡

  14. Seriously? Look at Len Randle’s right hand. It is missing.

  15. Nintendo online = same I can emulate and play with my switch pro controller 😂😂

  16. I traded mine in and am mad about it. So dumb. Rare color too.

  17. Was it the metallic blue one? That’s the one O have.

  18. Again, thanks for confirming my hypothesis, more disposable income than common sense.

  19. What’s wrong with buying it though. I don’t get why you’re insulting me

  20. You helping prove a hypothesis is not an insult 😀

  21. but then you do not get the correct old school vibe from the screaming motor when the game is loading

  22. 007 is emulated on switch online, mind blown! 😂😂😂😂

  23. Cool. I opted for the satiator for mine. Although I have mode on my dreamcast and could transfer it to the saturn. Mode works great. Enjoy!

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