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  1. There kind of is, misinformation is rife, and is being weaponised by Russian troll farms to sow discontent between NATO member nations.

  2. I never said anything like "Oh Germany isn't doing anything to help, fuck Germany"

  3. Well, where do you think the launchers will be used in?

  4. This is not the first, there has been a picture before.

  5. Agree. Most people don't like it that someone else his pett is using your garden as a toilet.

  6. No, it is not strange, but I assume you are not poisoning or doing other things that harm them?

  7. Lol, I am clearly not hinting to poisoning cats. That is just insane because with poison you are creating a health risk for small children and other animals.

  8. Enkel het gebruik van ' 🤣 ' zegt me al veel over wat soort idioot dit is.

  9. Deflect and seethe. Ukrainians have been caught lying to the same degree if not even more. BRB my ghost of Kyiv brb muh failed AA hitting Poland and killing a farmer ( trying to frame Russia )

  10. The ghost of Kiev was simply a metaphor for the resistance of the Ukrainian people.

  11. Because it’s an instance of Ukraine actively lying to the world for their own gain. Ukraine isn’t infallible bud. They lie consistently too.

  12. That writing on the building ''Привiт з Бахмута'' is direct prof that there were at least some Ukrainians participating in attack. I really like to see how they gonna deny it.

  13. Mate, those were just "little beige men." The Russian people are going to hold a referendum soon to become an independent republic!

  14. What's up with the dot in For.ces? I see it quite often but i don't get the why.

  15. It is because we are not allowed to type the word "or.c".

  16. I do not doubt that Wagner will indeed pull out of Bakhmut.

  17. Well this explains why the Global Hawk has been loitering in an area between Turkey and Sevastopol since this morning.

  18. I don't want to disappoint the theory, but that has been happening since day 1 of the war.

  19. Before, it is simply a picture for reference.

  20. Welp, I did try. It's a shame redditors are too thick headed. Or maybe they just don't care about Ukraine.

  21. Posting a tiktok video from a Bulgarian Pro Russian channel is not going to convince anyone.

  22. I posted news for three months on Reddit before giving up. Genuine articles, often with translation This attitude is the reason I've stopped. People live in their own realm.

  23. Yes, and you are the arbitrator of truth.

  24. First pic smoke is dark due to possible attack. Second pic is white smoke Posibly defensive smoke screen.

  25. That smoke is a bit too white i'd say, maybe it's from a smoke generator to hide something

  26. Why don't you actually research things with the source by yourself to decide if you believe it or not instead of expecting everyone to spoonfeed you information

  27. Seriously? You were asking for sources when they were already there

  28. Yes, mistakes can be made, I did not see the source in the corner, I apologise, sir!!

  29. Hello darkness my old friend.... OP some context will be appreciated.

  30. There is no context, directly pulled from the source and translated.

  31. Nothing you posts can change the fact that the current Russia is an absolute joke to this world.

  32. Oh, hey, SadAdministration705, singlehandedly saving the world by showing us Ukrainian losses!

  33. They captured 2 maxxpro and Ukraine captured 2 BTRs. One 82A and one 80.

  34. I believe this is the same vehicle as the one showed yesterday.

  35. You are right but it's the image it leaves, PR is important atm.

  36. This is true, but if I had to chose between my own life (speculating that that is what happened here), or a couple of boxes of rounds and some AT-4s, I knew what I would chose.

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