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  1. You should be able to close the seal and buckle it. Then sit on it and it will purge the air that's stuck between the layers of fabric around the foam. The outer shell has small holes in it behind the daisy chains.

  2. Dude my M20 did this today as well. Once I got to the top I had like 3inches of space side to side to fit anything. Then it went down later.

  3. Is that going on an acoustic guitar?

  4. I would but I’m more afraid of the lady living there than the person staring at us every other night.

  5. I feel like I’ve seen the pic before

  6. Nah it’s an original. I have another pic from a different day. I need to learn how to upload it here.

  7. Retiring from their real jobs and getting a job at Wendy’s. Traveling = walking to work. Awesome their plan is still intact. Good for you

  8. If it makes you feel better no one other than insiders got in on this.

  9. Keep shoving shit up in there until its forced to come out of your mouth. I would suggest something digestible like bananas. youre welcome

  10. When did we start giving a shit about fundamentals? Is this even WSB or did we get taken over by the boomers at r/ stocks? Nut up bitches. Imagine the number of shorts that piled in thinking we're as soft as warm butter.

  11. Feel like this is done, the squeeze may have been in the 20's. Liquidated half and kept the other half in at a stop loss of 12. Bought in at 9

  12. Let’s pretend that you’re an actual real person for a second. Fuck you and your 2 comment history ass Mike!

  13. 200 shares @ 12.65, 4 12.5 and 4 15c 09/09. Fuck your hedgies!

  14. Dude are you spewing fundamentals? Fuck outta here. This is a casino sir. Shorts haven’t covered, boom!

  15. Damn you. I was really hoping to fight with someone on the internet today. :4260:

  16. This kind of market fuckery gives me am imaginary huge woody.

  17. What an idiot. These guys are so fucked!

  18. I was in your shoes. Go to a doctor first and see what your heart is capable of handling. Start slow I am now 43 and in better shape than I was when I was 26. You got this!!

  19. You got this op. Give it another couple days. Plenty of water, a gallons day, and rest.

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