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  1. Based on my own experience, they're not going to do much of anything (unless it's problematic to the point of affecting your ability to function). They are going to want to talk about it and try to suggest other, more constructive, coping mechanisms, so you can just bring it up in conversation.

  2. The last guy I was interested in was 5'4", like me. It's all about personality for me. Also, both of my brothers are married to women who are ever so sightly taller than them (I think they're 5'4" and 5'6", respectively).

  3. I tend to view my friendships in terms of concentric circles around me. Those in the center, my best friends, are the closest and we share very very intimate details with each other. We've known each other for decades and we are each other's go to people. As you go further out through the rings, the closeness and intimacy lessens, but we are all still friends, and good friends. The furthest out are acquaintances.

  4. It serves as a good reminder that "life a piece of shit, when you look at it..." 🤣

  5. LOL I used to work in an open office, with a bunch of dirty minded pervs (me included). I made a point to peel and cut my bananas because I knew I'd hear about it if I didn't. 🤣

  6. I live in an area that has become quite well known for its crime, in a single, detached home. I've never felt unsafe in or around my home.

  7. You need a different therapist. What a lot of people forget, or don't understand, is that your therapist needs to match your needs and there is no harm in checking out a few to find the right one.

  8. Of ones I used to use.. Ulta, and it sucks because they had a few things I really liked.

  9. Ugh. So sorry you're going through this. 💕 I could have repeated this story, verbatim, with my now ex friend.

  10. Haha that’s great! I didn’t have prior clue of it. did anything take place ? Were they pushy or abrasive?

  11. No, they came over trying to dance with us and trying to earn tips. Definitely but pushy. Nothing too terrible or uncomfortable (unless having greasy looking, half naked men dancing next to you makes you uncomfortable). Just wasn't my thing. 😬

  12. Watch what you're looking for there. I was looking at a dress for a wedding and, in the listing, I noticed the manufacturer (was another well known plus size clothier). I went to the original site and found the same dress $30 cheaper!

  13. I keep my doors locked, I have a couple cameras outside and I keep random lights on in my house, even when I'm not home. I also know all of my neighbors and they won't hesitate to interrogate someone they don't recognize if they're snooping around someone's house.

  14. In my case it was easy. I don't like children and never wanted the bother of raising them. As for not being married, at first it wasn't the choice, then I realized that I can provide everything I need, and likely worth more than most men in my circles; I simply don't need one around. I actually like having my space and time to myself.

  15. Not a couple but had a 4 bedroom house. Tore a wall down between two to make a bigger master. Then, of the two left, one is my cats' bedroom and the other is a craft room/office/guest room. But I don't like guests so there's a cat in there right now.

  16. My friend did that, she tore down the wall between two of the rooms to make a pet paradise for her many animals XD those dogs, cats, guniea pigs and birds live like kings

  17. Your friend sounds like my kind of person! 😻 Gotta keep the pets happy!

  18. He is probably confused by mixed signals a well. Sounds like he's either interested in you (romantically) or not.

  19. Yes. Not only are they all different, but sometimes they're very uneven as well; and it's all weird looking, TBH. But yes, don't be concerned. Odd, uneven, long, etc is the norm.

  20. I’m a teenager who’s about halfway through puberty as well, and apparently they’ll still be growing. Is that true?

  21. Yeah, but they likely won't grow too much more if you're halfway through. But I assure you unevenness is normal, in labia, in breasts, you might even have more dense hair on one side of your head than the other. Bodies are rarely perfectly symmetrical, but they're all beautiful. 😊

  22. I think you hit the nail on the head with that last bit. Don't brag or feel conceited about it. You worked hard to be where you are and you should be proud of your accomplishments but, of course, without looking down on others. Sounds like you do have a pretty decent sense of humility, so that's good.

  23. Well, not everyone. There are actually a bunch of us who don't enjoy sex anyway; so makes no difference to us.

  24. You can sometimes find local groups/schools that offer certain courses for things like budgeting, money management, etc. Also look online, everywhere from YouTube wikiHow, some bank websites, etc. (Just be careful and get multiple points of view as some info my be suspect. Also avoid does of people telling you how to get rich).

  25. NTA - good for you for looking out for your fellow woman. It also doesn't say much for your BF's character if he's willing to cover for a cheating friend.

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