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  1. head canon, Ospreay vs Omega at FB2 instead of All In which is the biggest match you can have for both of them. WWE calls up NJPW asking for a one off for Will at MITB since its starts before G1 2023.

  2. You know... Canadians may not be nice people...

  3. Bushiroad plan to send all the middle age men to stardom for now and pushing for more female fans like early Magnum Tokyo Dragongate will work.

  4. Usos and Roman keep forgetting that Solo was sent by the Elders to protect Roman's position. Until Solo sees Roman flattering he is going to be by his side.

  5. Celtics and Miami heat got 11.9 million viewers

  6. Now it's just a race to break Buddy into Kendall Roy from all sides.

  7. Besides that Cena return tour like 2 years ago, has any other WWE wrestler been promoted like this? They're pretty much selling tickets around Cody simply being there. Dude must be a money making monster.

  8. They put out a schedule for roman a couple of days ago

  9. Baron and Ali sent to NXT to basically tell if their opponents are ready to be called up is cool. Plus it keeps them on tv.

  10. 4 pillars would make sense even as a gimmick if the roster hadn't blown up and they were actually on that path comparable with how Baba did with the actual 4 pillars.

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