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  1. We need a crossover, Universal and Marvel together to create Dominic THORetto.

  2. Voir qu'elle prend même pas la peine de mettre un masque ou quelque chose.

  3. WB won't let him into a 10 meter range to any interviewer because its obv what kind of questions he would get asked.

  4. I don’t think anyone would want to admit they're related to her.

  5. Early Saturday estimates, then new estimates later today.

  6. You'll have more luck on Facebook if you want to find people from Joliette.

  7. I hope there'll be female representatives for Karen Jarrett & Aubrey Edwards in the possible mixed tag team match.

  8. Technically, Dixie Carter has in-ring wrestling experience.

  9. Really wish MTL had the 70mm IMAX version :( Its either standard 70mm or IMAX (which I think is digital) with no 70mm for us

  10. Turns out thats just the normal digital Imax, I checked on the Imax website and they dont have a Imax 70mm showing in Montreal. I guess they just listed it with the 70mm showings.

  11. But that IMAX is not a digital one that's for sure.

  12. Those individual targets may have been too high.

  13. I'd take screenshots and report them on the Wayfarer forum.

  14. Thankfully he has enough money so she can have regular neck therapy.

  15. Now that's a better quote to draw fans in then anything Tyrus or Corgan have said lately

  16. Even someone begging on their knees would be a better argument than theirs.

  17. Come on SEScoops, you only had one job. Copy the text so you can spell her first name right.

  18. Whoever wrote the headline definitely fucked up big time in a massive brain fart moment

  19. I read the whole thing. They write Ronda a few times then Rhonda later on.

  20. Ils doivent bin avoir des catégories qui peuvent se dire #1.

  21. Probablemenr dans les 50 ans et plus qui sont toujours fâchés.

  22. Juste comprendre là. Il s'est pas pointé à la job le matin où les sondages Numeris rentraient ?

  23. Les résultats sont ordinaires pour CHOi donc pas tant le fun comme journée.

  24. While this wasn't his best, you might want to revisit what a "bad" promo is.

  25. We all knew Mr. America was really Mr. Fuji under that mask.

  26. Haha si quelqu'un me prpuve en vidéo qu'il l'a écouté 10h sans arrêt je lui donne 40$! Haha

  27. Rajoute un 0 à la fin et on peut en discuter hehe

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