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  1. I just started The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue a couple days ago. I’m only about 60 pages in - the plot moves very slowly but it feels like a luxurious pace more than anything.

  2. I cancelled my membership in DECEMBER, they said I had a 1 month grace period to rejoin and stay a BFF. I still get emails saying if I rejoin I can save my BFF status

  3. Yikes I meant for this to be in response to the comment saying they send dramatic emails. Mobile messed me up.

  4. I was always interested in family law but I didn't realize until law school exactly how fucked up the child protection system can be. "Neglect" cases, rather than actual abuse, represent the significant majority of cases. Almost every neglect case is a result of poverty.

  5. I worked as a courtroom clerk in juvenile court for 3.5 years. I saw thousands of foster care cases. I also have a past roommate who has worked as a social worker in all points of the process. I both agree and don’t agree with this.

  6. The rules of evidence apply in trials, so if you are in a position where you can actually go watch real court proceedings, it might help make the rules feel less abstract. If you’ve never been in a courtroom before, I could see how it would be a tough subject.

  7. I start a new Dickens (new to me, that is) every Christmas. This year is Martin Chuzzlewit. For some reason Dickens’s writing all makes me feel Christmassy- particularly the old leatherbound, tobacco-stained copies I have.

  8. I completely agree! If I remember right, Bleak House has what I think is the best Dickens Christmas party - even better than Fezziwig’s.

  9. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out. You can find help at a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  10. Yup figurative was the word I was looking for but just was not coming to me at the time.

  11. Little Fires Everywhere - I’ve somehow made it this far knowing absolutely nothing about the plot. I’m only 30ish pages in and am totally immersed in the world.

  12. Mine has been blooming since HALLOWEEN. I’m happy it’s happy but I’m tired of picking dead flowers off of my floor. I want it to put out new leaves!

  13. I wait until my thanksgiving cactus fully dries out all the way down… maybe I’m doing it wrong?

  14. I also treat mine like a succulent and it’s been thriving. In my experience, it doesn’t need much humidity and it really doesn’t need to be watered all that much. I often forget to water it for extended times. It will tell you it needs water when the leaves feel soft, almost squishy, to the touch.

  15. I was in a fairly similar boat as you - masters degree, decent career, worried about law school debt - and I went to law school because I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’m a 1L now, turning 29 very soon, and do not regret it. I also will be graduating with <40k of debt.

  16. So there should be no problem with cutting the new growth down, just for aesthetics?

  17. I don’t have this specific type of sanseviera, but make sure they’re done growing before you decide to cut them off! My laurentii is an exceptionally slow grower, when I got it it had leaves all of the same height plus one short one. The others were done growing, but that short leaf eventually became the tallest leaf of the bunch, by a good 4 inches. It took over a year though!

  18. From BOTM specifically? The Splendid and the Vile was a great one. Tightrope was also really good. Killers of the Flower Moon is maybe the best non-fiction book to read if you don’t usually read a lot of non-fiction.

  19. Way back in BOTM history (so like, 2016), if you didn’t choose a book, they would send you one of that month’s selections at random. There was no skip feature.

  20. This is more law-adjacent, but Ear Hustle is phenomenal. It’s about life in prison, created by inmates currently in prison. It is beautiful and moving and thought-provoking.

  21. Millipedes are predatory bugs and will eat other insects that get in. It’s probably been hanging out for a while and there might be more but on the bright side they are helping keep your plants free of other pests. They lay eggs in slightly moist soil and their eggs are so small they aren’t really visible to the naked eye so there’s no way of really telling if there will be more but just think of it this way - they aren’t hurting your plants at all just being creepy! (I personally love them)

  22. Thanks! I can maybe get on board with having some in the soil if they’re working for me. I’m cool with bugs as long as I do not touch them and I’m aware of their presence. This one took me by surprise - I was holding the plant inspecting the soil when it just crawled right out! Gave me a good scare.

  23. Work! This post gives me a few red flags that makes me think you need some time to regroup before law school.

  24. My current workouts are 5 days per week, at 30-40 minutes a session. In the grand scheme of things, this is something where the time commitment is negligible, especially given the overwhelming physical and mental benefit. Even if we assume it takes me 2 hours a day to change, go to the gym, workout and go home, how much more studying would I realistically be able to do in that time that it would outweigh the gym benefits?

  25. I really did not like it when I first became a member, and I thought they stood out from my normal books in an unpleasant way. Now, 4ish years later, I have enough BOTMs that they have their own bookcase (the narrow billy bookcase from Ikea) placed in between two full-sized bookcases. Having such a large number in their own designated place looks really great, I think.

  26. Never happened to me, but I am dying to know - what is the mystery book?

  27. I am not flaired so this may be deleted, but I have a bachelors in history and I work for my local courthouse as a clerk of court. I love my job so much (but am heading off to law school in the fall!) and my history degree in particular helped me get the job because it showed that 1) I can write, and 2) I am comfortable with complex, dry reading, as lots of legal writing can be.

  28. Not FSU, but last cycle all of my waitlists got back to me in August with rejections. Although they called it “removed from the waitlist.”

  29. Easy! Trim along the vine so each leaf is separate but still attached to its node. Submerge the nodes in water and put them in a sunny place. Change the water often, this makes sure there is plenty of oxygen in the water. Roots will grow from the node, when the roots are ~1.5-2 inches, plant them in soil. Keep the soil very moist in the beginning as it gets used to dirt instead of water. Eventually new leaf growth will appear. After they’ve rooted, you could also plant them back into the pot to fill out the original plant.

  30. I forget my spider plant exists sometimes and it’s the only one of all my plants that I have never had any problems with. They’re pretty indestructible as long as you let the soil dry out!

  31. Do not apply ED everywhere. For one, if you get in, it is almost always binding. So hypothetically. if you apply ED to all schools, it’s just a race to see who accepts you first, since you would then have to withdraw from all other schools after being accepted to one. Two, ED admits usually do not receive merit scholarships. ONLY apply ED to one school, if you are absolutely certain you want to go there and are willing to pay sticker.

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