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  1. Super risky. Old AF. Unless you’re a good mechanic I would be skeptical.

  2. One should always set up a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (Castle Trust) five years before needing nursing home care, all the assets in the trust can be protected without having to spenddown to the $2,000 asset limit. The assets in the trust are protected.

  3. I keep seeing used pairs at thrift stores. Maybe you can find a pair there that's your size. People are also selling them on FB marketplace.

  4. That’s what I’m thinking. I tossed the idea around a year or so ago and briefly looked. There’s just so many options I couldn’t decide on one. Guess I’ll be spending some more time researching and deciding this weekend.

  5. I use a black vue 4k camera , like 350+ for it. It records front and back. Made in USA. I also have a viofo 2k dash cam, for my other car. It was like 180.00for front and rear. It’s a Chinese brand. Works well. Easy to install.

  6. Currently wearing my shearling lined Bean Boots from L.L. bean, made in USA

  7. Looking at these. Reviews say to buy 1 size down from your normal size. I’m ordering directly from their website. Worries I may get a size that does not work for me. I wear an 11, they recommend a 10. Any thoughts?

  8. I wear a 9 and I bought the 9, but I consistently wear them with thick socks. Not sure how the lines would effect that

  9. Gives me a better idea. Wish a store was near me. May just shoot for a pair 1 size down.

  10. I would love to see this! How is the hike to get there?

  11. I'm a big Michigan fan and they are pretty good and msu not so good this year. But I still have no idea. Seems like this game is always a surprise.

  12. Rsv, flu, Covid, croup, and rhino virus going around. Seen only few cases of strep.

  13. Recommend revo uninstaller free version. Also have it remove registers keys.

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