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  1. Talking to the dead by Harry Bingham, part 1 of a fiction series

  2. Fortunately, with her talent and reputation she will have no trouble finding a new job /s

  3. Mi Jeong changed careers and found a role where she is successful and valued, and she didn’t allow a specific talent tie her to a career in it. Let’s not dismiss liberation occurring outside of romantic relationships

  4. I wonder if her career is another example of "two steps forwards, one step backwards". On the one hand, she seems to enjoy her new workplace and is well respected, but on the other hand, her friend complains that she is wasting her talent and not using her creative skills.

  5. Her friend says that, but she’s not complaining. One of the lessons of my 20s: being good at something doesn’t necessarily mean you like doing it for work.

  6. He’s evil laughed many times throughout the drama so far but ep 14’s went on so long and was so maniacal it put all previous laughs to shame. I legit had to pause and wonder if he still wasn’t done cackling!

  7. People here saying certain groups went to Dunkin’s before Starbucks showed up. But COFFEE CONNECTION anyone?

  8. Worked at CC1 in the Garage. Every single person I’d known in high school, including teachers, showed up there eventually

  9. If there are bears in your area they will climb your house to get to the feeder

  10. Challenge #4.b A drama chosen by the Wheel of Chance: Food - Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cakes)

  11. Challenge #6.f A drama chosen by the Wheel of Chance: PPL - Jewelry

  12. For anyone still looking in the PPL - jewelry category, Live Up to Your Name qualifies

  13. Because there's a large number of knitters who prize ease of construction over good fit. In particular people are afraid of knitting flat and seaming. Sometimes you can get away with it. A lot of times... not.

  14. Because I care about fit and genuinely despise seaming, most of my sweaters are seamed patterns I’ve converted to seamless. I agree that a lot of seamless patterns take shortcuts, but that doesn’t mean everyone who knits only seamless is looking for an easy project

  15. I agree that I don’t like seaming, but the problem with leaving out seams is that over time they can help the garment keep its shape.

  16. In the shoulders and back neck, certainly. But I’ll close shoulders with a three-needle BO and bind off/pick up the back neck. I also won’t do as-you-go button/buttonhole bands because they are likely to stretch out and distort the shape

  17. Birthcare center. I can attest that you do not need to be a parent to love it.

  18. positives: living his best life, finally negatives: could eat a poisoned rat

  19. Beyond Evil ep13 and for the life of me I cannot understand what this show is trying to be. I'm really struggling to finish it.

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