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  1. Kim Hye Su has become a fave of mine and I've watched 3 of her dramas so far but she has that one acting tic I find kind of annoying, that one where she kind of cocks her head downward, raises one eyebrow and looks from left to right. I've seen it in UTQU and Signal so far, I'm sorry she's an amazing actress but it's so distracting for me

  2. Refusing to learn and grow while existing in an echo chamber is what people go to fb for

  3. I especially like the places downtown where the old paving stones show through

  4. I’m sure that’s also true. WHAT SORCERY PRODUCES GAUGE OF 32 rpi on size 6 needles!????

  5. It’s 32 rows x 4”, right? That seems pretty normal. I just pulled out the last DK weight sweater I knit on us6 needles and that’s the row gauge I got.

  6. Does anyone else feel like Netflix is kinda ruining how clean Kdramas are? I can no longer confidently watch it with family or friends. I also despise nudity and sex on screen and it's ruining things for me. I'm moving slowly to cdramas now but they're not remotely as good.

  7. The maturity ratings in Netflix state whether there is sex or nudity. Instead of shying away from kdramas altogether, why not read the maturity rating and avoid accordingly?

  8. In Curtain Call, episode 4, they show the girl's (the friend of the actor playing the part of the grandson, who he conscripted as his 'wife') bedroom wall with all her framed awards/degrees/certificates, and the one that stands out most - and which they come back to zoom in on -

  9. I’ve read that Harvard is very aggressive about defending its name against unauthorized use, so this was probably done to avoid legal action

  10. I just started watching the first episode of Gaus Electronics and really did a double take when I saw the actor of one of the most obnoxious evil guys from Happiness (which I'm also currently watching) playing one of the workers! Until I finish the last few episodes of Happiness, my headcanon will be that guy survives, rethinks his whole life, and decides to start over with a new career. 😆

  11. I’m watching Vagabond right after finishing Law Cafe. It’s a very different side of Lee Seung Gi

  12. And can we buy the patterns from her out of print collections as one-offs??

  13. They have some good ideas, and the ongoing sexual innuendos are fun, but it's annoying that they show smart adults doing stupid things. What kind of chef burns his hands carrying a hot pot? And what kind of plastic surgeon lets himself get sunburned? Sigh.

  14. Plastic surgeon with sunburn situation is 100% an excuse to show Si Won shirtless, not that I’m complaining. I’m starting to suspect the shirtless scenes are in his contract

  15. What was the facial PPL used by Yu Ri toward the beginning of Ep 12?? I am intrigued

  16. The writers should have let Lee Da Hee produce a Makjang instead of a Reality Dating show 😂🤣🤣

  17. Good writing and very likable characters, especially the fierce and impulsive FL

  18. I will sooner quit knitting than ever attempt to seam anything again. Plenty of great seamless patterns, plenty of easily convertible patterns. Suffering is optional

  19. Viki has been tormenting me with a 48 hour wait. Still can’t view ep 7.

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