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  1. So many people lost the chance of becoming an all powerful wizard... Myself included

  2. How you fully upgraded the prophecy egg? If so, you probably would score higher than me. You're pretty damn close

  3. yup, already maxed out epic research. Waiting for after egg day then ill attempt enlightenment.

  4. With that score you can probably do enlightenment if you have the right artifacts

  5. No because Epic wants everyone's cut to really be 0% when it comes to microtransactions. Epic won't be happy until every retailer feels blessed just to have Fortnite's presence around them to the point where the logo on their storefront is good enough compensation over any cut.

  6. I don't know how Fortnite is lasting with all the money they are spending on other brands to use their likeness for skins. Idk how they're still making a profit or if they're making a profit at all from that game

  7. Let them have bugs, crashes, performance issues while us steam users get the full game

  8. True I don't blame the developers for making a half ass game. It's mostly middle management having no idea or the publishers forcing tight deadlines to make shareholders happy

  9. Don’t answer guys this is how they find the next site to attack (I see your game OP!!)

  10. When it Tells you your trial has expired. You just ignore it and keep on using it

  11. Probably from the big corporations/ businesses. I don't think they care about the little guys like us 😂

  12. Starship troopers extermination :) Only good bug is a dead bug And I found it through YouTube under my recommendation list and saw the trailer for it

  13. Squirtle for liquid cooling and Pikachu as a backup power supply. That's a good set up right there

  14. Starfield will probably be the worst of them all. I imagine people won't even be able to start the game up before it crashes and burns, lol.

  15. Starfield is gonna be no Man's sky all over again

  16. Needs to be “Minutes since last shatter..”

  17. I think the longest I saw was like maybe an hour before another popped up on my feed

  18. Reset the counter again 0 days since the last shattered panel

  19. Meanwhile it takes me an hour to build a simple house....

  20. You will get every virus by the end of your first year and then you will pay us double!

  21. My lil one turned 6 months a few days ago. And your right it's been a blur I still remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was yesterday. I'm half way there with my 1st year and it's really have been tough and challenging but it's worth seeing your child smile at you with pure bliss

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