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  1. IMO far superior to the other similar thing.

  2. Had to end the cycle with two: one, where I would involuntary sniff the air in an exaggerated fashion whenever I saw a cop or police vehicle. (Shorthand for “smells like bacon.”) and two, “Sammich.” I said it so much I had to retrain my brain to say sandwich correctly.

  3. Sadly I second Nebula. Her arc is done, especially since she and her past self were linchpins in Endgame. All she has left to do is rehash the sisterhood bond with variant Gamora which she can do most effectively as a deathbed speech in G3. RIP.

  4. Ima say no way on Kraglin. They already pulled the pin with Yondu and it would suck not to let Kraglin have his happy ending joining with the rest of the Ravagers. Same with Rocket after losing Groot and not getting to team with the new Groot. Drax, however...

  5. I don’t think you know what the word “shun” means.

  6. Shun: persistently avoid, ignore, or reject. All I and everyone hears about is Ye and Elon. All day. Every day.

  7. Covid years were the worst of my life. Not exclusively because of the pandemic and all its effects and fallout but it made dealing with the regular life stuff that doesn’t stop ten times worse.

  8. "Gayer than 8 guys blowing 9 guys." -Patton Oswalt

  9. Two... One... One... One... Th Three... Two...

  10. Any gearhead want to Sherlock this out? Heavy smoke and location of ignition appears to be at the oil pan.

  11. Gotta be fuel. Engine oil can burn, yes, but it isn’t gonna flash into flame like that unless it’s been perfectly aerosolized around the right kind of ignition source. Gasoline though - that can light up from a carpet spark. Wouldn’t be shocked if the fuel pump or carburetor wasn’t adjusted properly, and running at low speed like this was sending more fuel through the system than needed to be there. You get an overflow someplace down the line, or a pressure spike that blows a hole in a hose or works a fitting loose - goodness knows how old (or what the quality is like of) some components in there might be - and fuel is spraying where it shouldn’t be.

  12. It completely looks like fuel the way the flame pours liquid-like. Oil pan just coincidentally in the line of fire, so to speak.

  13. We have a winner! It is indeed Guardian Legend. Had to go look up a long-play on youtube and it all came flooding back. You win an upvote and bragging rights.

  14. I’ll do you one even better, an abandoned asylum… in a abandoned asylum… in a abandoned asylum… IN AN ASYLUM

  15. It got not funny then funny again. And then not funny.

  16. How many times do you think he tried to do a bump off of the vertical surface of the wall when it was completed?

  17. Any chance we could just get a GOOD FUCKING LOOK AT IT??? No. Guess not cuz we have the DP from the Bourne movies who can't keep the camera still for one second.

  18. That’s what happens when you have a dry-waller on his cocaine break film for you.

  19. Saw NIN in a tiny basement club before Trent could finish suing his label. That show was glorious. Saw them 4 years later from the nosebleeds in an arena with Manson opening. I was like: "Who's this dude with a two-foot black strapon?"

  20. NIN in a club does sound like glory. And who among us hasn’t asked that question?

  21. Butthole Surfers opened that show. I say "opened" because Paul was so fucked up he faceplanted off the 4' stage in the second song. Nobody caught him. They did not return to finish the set. (edit) The small club show.

  22. "You guys have your creamhorns and your crumbhorns and when I add a bit of levity you jump all over me!"

  23. First time I’ve heard a ditch described as a road.

  24. Enjoying reading is what made me a reader. So yes? Ish? But there’s only so much time in the day now. Back when I had an office job I only needed to be there. Whatever work needed to be done I could get out the door quickly, so I read to pass the time. I’ve moved on from that but I still listen to audiobooks often... as I can get things done while still enjoying the story. Things change.

  25. Otherwise the people not leaving could get hurt.

  26. Hey I knew this one. James Burke taught me this.

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