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  1. I don't think so, hell if it wasn't for blue lock I think he would have given up on soccer if it wasn't for the blue lock project.

  2. That's such a dumb argument omg. Isagi in this chapter says how much better Kaiser is then himself. Even if Isagi scores that would be because Lorenzo is guarding Kaiser not him. Lorenzo knows Kaiser is a bigger threat then Isagi even after Isagis lefty shot. There are levels to this

  3. Nobody is saying that current Isagi is better than Kaiser you idiot. Just that despite that fact Isagi is still trying to beat Kaiser.

  4. I should have said more actually, I meant that if it's not Sashannarcy it's scientifically impossible to happen

  5. I like amphibia but i threw a bagel at some random scientist and now he's a multiversal threat that blames his transformation on me.

  6. I like amphibia but I was thinking of going to see fast X

  7. To anyone who did or does make this into a fanfic, please send it to me I want to read it.

  8. If the old one is still up, I would love to read it.

  9. It's like yamada has grown up and Kase hasn't, almost like a role reversal.

  10. You couldn't have said it more perfectly. Throughout both series we can see the growth Yamada has as an individual and as someone in a relationship. While Kase has remained the same dense, unreliable, pervert that ignores her girlfriend's worries because she gave her a hickey.

  11. The entry was super badass. It's like you are an inquisitor and Darth Vader comes and says "We will hunt this Jedi together."

  12. I wonder if they have the father and son relationship that Percival doesn't have with his father

  13. I dunno if Marcy is a good fit for Spider-Man. I mean she didn't even break Sprig's neck when she caught him.

  14. It's been more than a year?!? Damn time flies so fast

  15. Don't know if you're still looking for fics with Luz and Amity's kid but here is one I made.

  16. Oh yeah I read this one, don't know if I found it or if someone told me about it, but it was really well written and hilarious

  17. I really hope ippo just gets honest with mashiba for once, and this arc is done, but man is that shot of the two's faces when they see mashiba funny as hell.

  18. Even if I had beaten the shit out of Mashiba like Ippo did before, I would not have the courage to tell him I wanna kiss his sister XD

  19. Heck, that's what Isagi has been doing this entire time, when he meets for example, Barou, Nagi, Rin, and even Kaiser he acknowledges how good they are but never letting that stop him from improving to surpass them.

  20. It would be super ironic the most selfish and loner character is a huge fan of the power of friendship anime/Disney game LOL..

  21. And as if Eda wouldn't have Grudgby at her college

  22. I actually didn't think of that, but it's true. Eda would definitely have a grudgby team.

  23. I don’t even know if Mashiba is even there anymore, it could just be PTSD at this point.

  24. I'm 90% Sashannarcy but if I had to pick a pair, I would choose Marcanne.

  25. This dude fully warmed up and baki is still in casual clothes.

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