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  1. I don't think Momo will win the match but it made me happy to see how she handled herself in the press conference. She came across as a big deal and got the better of her former faction teammate.

  2. Stardom ran 115 events in 2022. That includes six New Blood events and the Historic X-Over show. This is up from the 101 events they held in 2021. These are the only two years where Stardom ran 100 or more events.

  3. I have waited more than a year for her to be like this again. The old Syuri is back and she might be turning

  4. The entire segment after the match was nearly ten minutes so I didn't post the whole thing. I just clipped the parts that Mina was involved in so that people could see that there was nothing to worry about with her. She will stay and she will not leave Tam. Right?

  5. A lot of people seem down because of what happened with the women at Wrestle Kingdom last night. I posted this so that it could help cheer people up.

  6. I will not post the full segment because it was too long. I will not post the promo or move that she did to KAIRI because it went very poorly. If anybody is interested in seeing the faceoff

  7. Mina asked why Unagi wasnt there for her and attacked Unagi. She’s done tagging with Unagi.

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