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  1. Nad ( unverified) The water used in dental chairs units should be distilled

  2. our belmont use either city water or bottle... It actually has a switch to flip back and forth lol So no, it not necessary

  3. I running into the same issue. A bit late to the thread but can you send me as well?

  4. When dentist A at the practice says I need a filling soon.

  5. You should check dental sub for why. Dentistry is full of grey areas that made it hard to know what and what

  6. Lmao. 10 years ago i had a problem with my dick and as a young grad unfamiliar with the sick leave rule, i typed out my condition. My supervisor got privy and google it. She never tried again 😂

  7. Just wondering whether i should get a 14 or 16 inch macpro. I primarily will be home and i have a desktop setup with 3 screens so the laptop might just be for bedroom usage or sometimes when i travel. :/

  8. I might do some dev works on it. My desktop setup is windows. Plus my wife has an air already. Kinda want something different

  9. But that's the point, of course we all wanted to fuck that one hot teacher in high school. I would too if the situation came up, but it's wrong. The difference is we had actually responsible adults teaching us that didn't fuck kids.

  10. Nad. My teeth are significantly smaller than you by genetics and it even shorter with grinding… put on night guard and u will be fine

  11. You made good use of your investment, plus, money in and out is our goal. You only live once, do whatever you need to do

  12. We all gonna fking burn or microwaved to death. Gg people

  13. When was it done the last time? With many seniors that not gonna be around in the near future to suffer the consequences, they care?

  14. Would love to know how you think I screw over people because I am dentist.

  15. I hate patients like this guy. If he knew and don't wanna pay, then don't use the services at all. Complaining doesn't help when this is our reality. He spoke as if all the $$ are collected by dentists and ignored the fact that in-network fee schedules are set by the insurance...

  16. And that's the other problem, people like you who are okay with a flawed and overpriced system. Whatever the issue is, medical costs are often insane, criminally high, with overcharging for about anything. And there is always a creative reason as to why.

  17. No one is okay with insurances being the middle man. But they have lobbying power and this is the reality that we live in. By purchasing their dental insurance, you have already signed the agreement with their terms.

  18. whatever in system verification method they used, isn't correct with my insurance. They have to call the 24 hour line to verify my insurance. Best believe im telling the next dentist office that.

  19. They cant pull info about your plan out of thin air. I believe it is something about that clinic might be out of network which make them have your plan cap at 1000.

  20. Damn lol, now i am curious wth. Next time i gonna ask my UPS guy to have a cleaning with us just to check his plan lmao

  21. It really depends. Your brochure doesnt show everything as details as what the clinic can access. BCBS health has coverage for dental cleaning but req a 30 bucks copay, however, the same plan but different plan group doesnt have that copay. So it really fall onto the insurance to decide that. The clinic just submit the dental codes and do what the insurance says.

  22. I've been charged for flouride treatments for the last... 10+ years? From Aetna hdhp to my wives Concordia dental to our current fedvip BCBS plan.

  23. Your toothpaste has it too, but the rinsing will mostly wash it away. Flouride is like multi vitamin for tooth, leave it on half an hour do reduce teeth sensitivity and prevent cavity.

  24. Sold my 200mil coins to pay off debt. Guess i will be back again sooner or later. I like the community here.

  25. Orslow have some paint splash white items. Just go with it and get it dirty. As long as the items fall into workwear category, wear and worn marks added characters

  26. Nad. Student doctor forum is a great resource. I would check there for info.

  27. I am new to the sub. Just found it this week. It seems like boots is a big thing here. Question: do you guys wear boots all year round? Personally I find them super hassle to wear and uncomfy. Nit sure if it’s coz I bought crappy boots like from ugss or gucci. I have since bought crockket and jones boots so will see how they go when weather turns colder.

  28. I wear boots whenever i feel like. With proper boots socks, it feel a bit warm in 90+ but it aint gonna exposed your toes like sandal to take the full heat.

  29. My dads insurance right now only lets us go to HMOS :/ What’s the problem with them though typically?

  30. Extreme low pay out to dentists, any competent ones drop out of HMO plans. There is an incentive to tack on unnecessary treatments or over treating to recoup loss. It is simply economic.

  31. Gotcha, my dad’s HMO plan is switching back after this calendar year so I’m going to be able to go back to my old dentist.

  32. Nad. If you knew you had good oral hygiene then 16 cav are a lot, but then it not like I haven’t seen patient with opposite either. Still, go with whoever you feel comfortable with, and always seek second opinions when you feel uncertainty about your dentist

  33. Talked to a dentist my dad goes to and they laughed when they saw the X-rays. They have me scheduled for a cleaning, it’s $180 since it is out of my insurance network but compared to the nonsense from the other one I will take it.

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