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  1. I’d be disappointed too, and then I would just match his energy for every subsequent birthday. No specialness required. Minimal effort. After thought cake. And you are no longer the planner for friends events; you’re super busy doing your own thing now. Happy to attend, and leave. Minimal effort is the way forward. Solo birthdays are great. Treat yourself girl. Do what you want to do. Pamper and spoil yourself ❤️❤️❤️ and I don’t know that your boyfriend is the right man for you. Doesn’t sound like it.

  2. Tell him good luck on being able to find a woman who wants to have sex for a quarter of their day, every day.

  3. Dude will only turn back to his wife after his homeless girlfriend leaves him.

  4. Yep because he will be homeless too. Unless roomie is well off and can support him financially til he finds a better option 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Sometimes you just gotta match peoples energy. Treat them in kind and go low contact. Sounds like you are the scapegoat of the family.

  6. No offence but why would you even write this post. Read your own post and follow the advice you would give a friend who is in a similar situation. If your close friend came to you with this scenario, would you say oh you guys can work it out, he sounds like a great guy. Of course not. You would tell your friend to run, get away from this toxic abusive mess and never look back. You would tell them to delete and block this guy and then say, get some therapy because there’s a reason you keep choosing abusive partners for yourself.

  7. This can’t be real. Why would you be with someone like this. He’s just not that into you, he’s only into your wallet. Girl you’re better off without this scrub using you for whatever he can.

  8. You don’t need to lie. Just tell him it sounds like a him problem and he needs to figure it out himself, just like you had to figure how to live without a father for the first 18 years of your life. Your money is not his money. Tell him you are paying your mum the child support he couldn’t conjure up while you were growing up and that is the only debt of his you are willing to pay.

  9. Your PPD is likely directly linked to your husband’s appalling treatment of you. He is toxic and abusive. You can lost a ton of weight simply by getting rid of him. He is dead weight that you have to drag around.

  10. Age 23 is typically when women start showing signs of schizophrenia, and other illnesses like that.

  11. NTA but your wife is enabling her sister and BIL’s out of control spending. She is not helping them, she is enabling their behaviour which is only worsening. They are using OPs wife as a safety net and unfortunately it is working a charm.

  12. Surely this is a joke. He has spent thousands of dollars on his friend and friends girlfriend while leaving his wife and kids at home with next to nothing? Why are you putting up with this treatment? You would be the AH if you stay with this financially abusive piece of crap who is likely cheating and has paid for a side chick to travel as well. Open your eyes OP, he’s on a holiday for 4, he’s not playing third wheel to a couple. He’s using the $100 as an excuse to make you the bad guy while he cheats. Get rid of this pos.

  13. I’m sorry, he did what?! The situation you find yourself in is extraordinary and distressing for your entire family. Your husband has zero excuse for what he did, he threatened to harm you if he didn’t walk away, like excuse me, what?! Unacceptable. You’re dealing with enough right now without being concerned that your husband may physically assault you. Perhaps some distance between you might be the best course of action right now. You only have the energy to support your son right now, you don’t have time or energy to be concerned over your husband’s reactions to asking after his wellbeing. It’s so wrong OP. Not suggesting separation right now, but his behaviour is alarming and a major red flag.

  14. His behaviour is an over reaction. Something else is going on that he is being dishonest about. He is using the baby to attack you for no reason. He needs to feel less guilt about some shady behaviour hence why he continues to come to your apartment. The crying baby allows him to reinforce his need to make you the ‘bad guy’

  15. There’s no reason why your husband shouldn’t know that you know.

  16. You perhaps just realised you are also in love with your best friend, hence your newfound awkwardness. All the best OP. Get rid of the guy who treats you terribly.

  17. He’s having an affair. His reasoning is warped. He is projecting and toxic because he’s up to no good. Start doing some digging OP, something is wrong with this situation and not just the fact that your husband sounds like a misogynistic pig.

  18. Why does he get to decide how you spend Christmas? You make it sound like he is generally thoughtless. You’ve chosen a partner who reinforces your child wounds because it’s all you’ve known. You need to stick up for your inner child and give yourself the Christmas you always deserved to have. You’re the adult now, heal your inner child by defending her ❤️ then you’ll likely get rid of Scrooge McDuck and find a partner who reflects your values.

  19. Does he change her diapers too, does he bath her…..: because this is weirdo behaviour, nothing normal about it. I would back away from this relationship for real. NTA

  20. NTA block his family. She stole your family heirlooms, a priceless piece of your family history. She stole them knowing the story of their origins. What a piece of work. She needs to be charged with theft and then you need to cut contact with her. What story did she spin to her family that somehow makes you the villain. What a colossal narcissist she sounds like.

  21. So he’s basically admitted he’s a paedophile. Get rid of this scum.

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