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  1. idk fam everything it try to upload takes forever

  2. Lol, still weird seeing my memes get posted here. :)

  3. my bad fam i forgot to post.

  4. Sean Behrens not even in the top 3 for best prospect is a travesty.

  5. So I'm very dumb and forgot my laptop and cannot Clip the game vv sorry

  6. I'm heading to the game tonight on the DNVR party bus so yall are on your own for a streamables thread.

  7. So Netherlands is hard botting and has pretty much unbreakable control of everything above 36.

  8. avalanche brotherin we need your help us fellow nuggets coloradan folk, are currently being invaded with little help and with most of the americans asleep we don’t stand much chance. any help would be greatly appreciated

  9. It appears you are up against the might of the Netherlands. It's going to be rough.

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