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  1. I wish Covet had payday loans like for first week of new season! And you can return the money at the middle or end of the season! Or trade it with unworn clothes we don’t like or use!

  2. Thats a great idea! No one wants those ugly 73 unworn dresses 😵‍💫

  3. I have been facing the same issue from past 2 weeks🤷🏻‍♀️. The game doesn’t load on wifi , try using mobile data , it works that way.

  4. Really? But the series is still not over yet! Are you sure?

  5. since it’s dual season it continues over into the start of the new season, which is tomorrow

  6. Thanks! I still have to buy some cc pieces (broke rn)😭

  7. i understood the concept of crafted images from here. and that people do shady stuff all the time in the shadows. not that i thought celebs were all nice and kind, just that i didn’t understand the dirty work that goes behind the scene.

  8. Similar for me too! I didn’t have any idea about how pr works😭.

  9. It’s not disgusting at all . Irl also people have colourful lives .

  10. Most of the industry is disgusting (imo). Obviously their might be some exceptions. But in the end, you never know what goes on behind the curtains , we are only shown what their PR wants to show the world , the actual things are kept shut

  11. One thing is for sure, even if it's trying to fly, it's very unlikely it will be successful.

  12. When i came back it wasn’t there , i am so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. I was about to post the same! Most of them got this award. FOR WHAT? Lip syncing?

  14. This is the prop pack, I don't think it replaces gothic, as it doesn't have the fog. This gives me more "The Haunting of Hill House" or "Wutering Heights" vibes, I'm considering buying the gothic flowers hair accessory, or is there a good dupe for it?

  15. Tf is this! Literally candles and flowers?! Are you sure its the prop pack?

  16. I have been facing this issue for a week now! The game doesn’t load while using wifi. It only loads when i use mobile data. I tried contacting support many times but it didn’t help

  17. This is not brutal. This is on par with the course. The hoard comes in upvotes anything pro india and downvotes anything indians dont like.

  18. This is , the comment is so insensitive. ik the the majority is indians. But this is INSENSITIVE. How can a normal individual support this kind of statement?

  19. I use to see her all the time making videos near oshiwara. Just another wannabe… really okay looking

  20. Honestly , all of these influencers are wannabes! From showing of their LuXuRy iTeMs to literally shoving them into our faces! HAAN BHAI DEKH LV HAI GUCCI HAI BAS KARDE ABH. Its cringey at times. I mean its good they are growing 🤷🏻‍♀️. But excess of everything is bad , khareed liya dikha bhi liya but stop shoving it in our faces🤷🏻‍♀️. I dont even watch any of these (I randomly thought of this picture and searched for it in her feed). I have a weird hate for these creators and influencers 😩. There are so many people who deserve jobs and accordingly the money and dont get enough , aur ye log 10 sec tak mun hilake itna kama letay hain. Ugh-

  21. Nobody gets a Grand Prize after the first rally of the month, afaik. We'll get one after the current rally ends.

  22. Yes you are right , i wanted to know about those who got it early bc of the extra pieces

  23. I was hoping we would because we only had 2 pieces left to get, but no such luck :/

  24. Same !😭🤌🏻 we will get it by this rally hopefully

  25. That’s so wholesome! Grandparents are precious and so is their love and affection for us🥹❤️

  26. Have you watched "Khatta Meetha"? Or try "No Entry", "Heyy Baby".

  27. I watched khatta meetha , the same happened 😮‍💨 I meant that I already watched those

  28. Probably an unpopular opinion but - dhruv rathee vlogs.

  29. Bully wala lafda nai tha bhai , excess abuse weirs tha bas yehi tha aur kuch nai!🫡 Bullying kahan se aagaya🤣

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