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  1. I've never heard of Secret Windows before

  2. "Secret Windows" was a Book of the Month Club release of essays & stories related to writing (kind of a companion to "On Writing").

  3. Weird, it's not mentioned in the big list of his books in the newer paperbacks. Maybe it's because it was a Book Of The Month Club release? GUNS isn't mentioned either I guess.

  4. Novelist’s son’s shelter in case anyone is wondering.

  5. Agree, I made a topic a while back discussing what is would be like if BT encounters were more random.

  6. I think the timefall idea is nice. I thought it would be cool if timefall could stop, like if it started you could stay under a shelter until it ended.

  7. Yeah I'm in my final year of medical school and have an M.S. in biomedical sciences. He's my favorite author, and its not that close. I did like humanities far better than sciences throughout school. But I have read McCarthy solely for enjoyment for years and loved almost every page of it. Getting fully into just the rhythm of his writing is a joy in and of itself.

  8. Did you like Blood Meridian? What are your other favorite authors?

  9. In the 2019 release, you can accidentally kill porters if they come into contact with Vog: the poisonous smoke in ravines. In the DC, MULEs can be accidentally killed if they come into contact with leaking Vog cargo.

  10. Can porters not die from Vog in the DC? Or do they have an oxygen mask?

  11. Just finished The Stand after having read It near the beginning of 2022.

  12. A lot of people say they put down the book at that point and I find it weird. No offence, I understand you. It’s a very weird scene that definitely doesn’t need to be there. It’s just that… it’s like at the very end of the book, and It’s a very long book.

  13. Why was this photo taken on a calculator?

  14. I’m not saying I disagree with it. I just couldn’t think of the phrase. Thank you❤️

  15. My lord. If you sold all of the books on this shelf you could buy a house lol. Seriously though, how on earth did you find a first edition of Blood Meridian without bankrupting yourself?

  16. Right place, right time. Guy had a copy on ABE, and sold it to me for 1000 Canadian 4 years ago. I didn't blink. I knew it was a good deal...

  17. You know a book is good when the first edition of it is sold for $1000 CA (around $737 US) and it's considered to be a remarkably good deal. Amazing find! :D

  18. Mine is from the 1980s. IIRC it says "Soon to be a major motion picture" or something like that which obviously never quite panned out.

  19. My copy says that on the back too! Looks the same as well. Signet paperback of the abridged version in case anyone's wondering.

  20. Please don’t replace it, I like books that look damaged. I think Annie says something about it in Misery lol.

  21. I wish the new editions of the Bachman books had RICHARD BACHMAN written largely in the paintbrush style, It’d be cool.

  22. Some subjects are just going to be boring to YOU, and that is ok.

  23. I’m asking how to enjoy the ones that aren’t though.

  24. Read about Steve jobs in his early 20s, and how it was the most random of facts and topics he knew that he was able to combine to make a different product to anyone else.

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