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  1. Is this dry spell also behind the terrible air quality of the past week? My asthmatic ass is having a bad time

  2. It's been like breathing dust out by us. You can literally see stuff floating in the air.

  3. Not even summer yet (June 20-21). Ocean temperatures are at a record high (4 standard deviations above baseline), El Nino right around the corner (Michigan becomes very dry during El Nino). It's not just this year that we have to worry about, it's also the next.

  4. "Hundreds of staffers for 24 Gannett newspapers, including the Arizona Republic, Austin American-Statesman and the Palm Beach Post, say they will not report to work for a day or two starting on Monday, forfeiting pay and forgoing assignments ranging from covering city council meetings to high school sports championship games. At some papers, the strikes begin Tuesday."

  5. Alarmist article from back in March, where the written content completely contradicts the headline.

  6. They published a similar article on Detroit News yesterday but I can't read it because it's paywalled

  7. Imagine being poor or lonely and your only place that you get meals or attention is school. Not everyone is able to afford to take trips or vacation at all, let alone during the school year.

  8. Our house burned down when i was in 3rd grade and my sister was in kindergarten and still she never missed a day of school. We lived near Disneyland and still had had fun on the weekends. Why do you need a long weekend? For kids two days is like a week.

  9. We travel to see family several times a year up north for long weekends, including to stay with my sister every Thanksgiving four hours north. We've also had multiple out-of-state weddings over the past decade that required our daughter missing multiple days of school for travel. Never missing a day of school for us would've meant missing significant family milestones and events over the years.

  10. Absolutely furious that my school district didn't do this. Buildings built in the 60s that are a concrete box with no air conditioning. Kids aren't learning anything, they're just trying to not get heat stroke.

  11. My kid said on Tuesday their middle school English room -- which has no windows or AC -- had nearly 40 students in it and there were literal sweat puddles on all the chairs when class was over...

  12. Doesn't HAVE to be expensive, though having money helps. I think cheap gear is garbage, but over a certain threshold you don't get a ton of return. I played $100 acoustics for years, for example, and they were garbage. I finally got a $300 acoustic and the difference was night and day, just from the action alone. But I don't notice a ton of difference between the $300-$350 models and the ones higher priced.

  13. I’ve been playing my $100 Facebook marketplace guitar for a couple years now. Been waiting to upgrade but haven’t wanted to drop the money. Each time I play my friends nice guitar I get the itch to drop the money on a new one.

  14. I HIGHLY recommend getting an Ibanez Artwood acoustic. You can get one for right around $300. The action is incredibly fast and smooth and the experience is an insane jump from the $100 model range. Worth every penny.

  15. That's exactly what case law is trying to settle right now, because it isn't something you can see from traditionally public spaces, they had to go over his private land, behind a fence. If the positions were reversed and it was a private citizen flying a drone over government property, they'd try to shoot it down. Google earth isn't allowed to show images of things like military bases. What makes it ok for the government to do it, if private citizens can't? That's why warrants are required for any search of private property to begin with.

  16. traditionally, people haven't been able to hover over your property, that's only become a thing with recent technology

  17. Google has been photographing private property from the air and posting the images publicly for more than two decades...

  18. Very few photographers can do "one thing" and one thing only if they want to only do photography. The professionals I know do wedding as a matter of course, but also engagement photos, baby portrait sessions, senior pictures, etc. You should also look into freelancing for the local newspaper. None of these things alone will pay the bills; you kind of have to do a little bit of everything.

  19. While at WMU I wrote an article about the bookstore and asked why professors could require students to buy textbooks they wrote. The bookstore admins said they couldn't, that it wasn't allowed. I had THREE of five classes at the time where that was literally the case -- we had to buy the textbooks written by the professors lol. I told them that and they just looked at me. One was a journalism class where the text hadn't even been officially published yet; the book was just a sheaf of unbound paper. Another was a literary journal founded and run by the professor. The other were two books on Japanese religion which actually made sense as the prof was the expert on the topic and had written tons of books.

  20. This sub seems to be OK with democracy but only as long as it exists within the bounds of the authority they approve of...

  21. Depending on your field you won't even be able to get a job interview without a degree. Most of our positions require a minimum bachelor's degree just to apply. If you're not sure what you want to do, I recommend starting at a community college. Learning a trade is also a great option as the trades won't be nearly as impacted by AI as other fields and they pay really well for the one to two years it takes to earn a credential. I recommend welding, robotics or electricity/electronics. Pipefitters/plumbers are also in high demand.

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