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  1. If the Church of England wants to enjoys the official governmental privilege's, it should adhere to modern, small l liberal sensibilities (even then, I'd prefer disestablishment.)

  2. I always thought Christian Walker just seemed like an incredibly damaged human.

  3. 100%. I just tend to get more sad when I see terrible people than mad.

  4. Yeah, you're an asshole. Everyone hates tipping, but you shouldn't screw over the employees to make a point about a livable wage.

  5. I was in line for coffee when the person in front complained the barista was using water to make her coffee instead of coffee...

  6. There was a huge study in biotech a decade or so ago, where a big biotech tried to reproduce 50 academic studies before choosing which study to license (these were anti cancer drug studies). The big headline was that 60% of the studies could not be reproduced. After a few years passed, there came a silent update- after contacting the authors on the original studies, many of the results could actually be reproduced, it just required knowledge or know-how that wasn’t included in the paper text. But to figure this out, you have the do the hard work of actually following up on studies and doing your own complete meta studies. Just clicking on a link, replying with your opinion, and calling it a day, will just keep an idea going.

  7. Many authors would be comfortable writing more detail, as they are taught, but journal pressures demand editing methods and other sections down to bare bones. There’s all kinds of ethical and “standard” (not necessarily always done) procedures that are just assumed to have taken place, but many times aren’t. Either way, it doesn’t make it to Final draft.

  8. Yeah, I've definitely been annoyed by this before, like when the arxiv paper is more useful than the journal version, simply because the arxiv paper includes extra detail in the procedure.

  9. So Bolsanaro does seem to be overperforming polling?

  10. Quite concerning that both Trump and Bolsonaro would have been reelected had they simply been competent right wing authoritarians.

  11. I agree with about 98% of issues compared to the FAQ, except trans athletes. We should probably just divide sports into open and women's. The records at my men's HS swim team were faster than Missy Franklin. But I don't really care that much.

  12. name the past 5 winners of the WNBA championships without looking it up.

  13. Dumb and bad faith. I couldn't name the past five winners for a single sport. Why do you think this is some brilliant clapback?

  14. Pride parade here today (in Oct., for whatever reason.) I'm at a coffee shop + bar, never seen so many drinks being poured at 9 am.

  15. Watching conservatives claim "it's the markets that are wrong" in response to Liz Truss's budget is wild.

  16. I went to an "undergrad bar" last night and holy shit, they don't treat customers as human. I shouldn't be surprised-- their entire business model is overcharging kids with fakes. Absolutely awful. "grad student bars" are so much better.

  17. Talk about horseshoe vibes from Putin's speech.

  18. Is there any place the "suave genius serial killer" comes from? We have Patrick Bateman and Hannibal Lecter in fiction, but every real world description I've seen of serial killers they are just complete fucking losers who got lucky for awhile.

  19. Tucker and the America First crowd torn between their natural impulses to vilify trans people and defend Russia.

  20. depending on the type of food, Champaign has:

  21. Star Wars needs to just bite the bullet and do a sequel/prequel hundreds of years from anything related to the Skywalkers. Stuffing a million things into the time period between 3-4 and 6-7 is not satisfying. "Here's a new series. You basically know where it will end up, and nothing too important can happen because of existing canon. enjoy!"

  22. Star Wars Visions gives tiny teasers of the possibilities.

  23. I really enjoyed Visions. OP space magic that doesn't have to sweat how their space wizards fit in with Palpatine and Skywalkers.

  24. Probably ignoring him is our best bet? Right wing trolls like him thrive on upset college students. He would love nothing better than to put up a video of a bunch of angry liberals upset that he is speaking. That's their entire shtick, "owning the libs".

  25. I want to know who these 10% pro-trans republicans. are. How exactly are their beliefs consistent.

  26. The might consider themselves "pro-trans" but also not give a shit what the government policy is towards trans people so long as taxes are low.

  27. Man, Ezra really needs to have like, a physics or electrical engineering professor on to discuss this thing. I'm really tired of podcasts with smart, but nonexpert people explaining their big ideas on fields they don't really know. This conversation was in desperate need of some rigor.

  28. I really hope Ezra got a big kickback for this or something, because I can't think of a single good reason to invite a rich idiot onto the show to bloviate about things he doesn't understand. What's next, Elon Musk on the psychologies of social media?

  29. I'm a PhD student in ECE, and it really drives home the difference in skills between tech founders and highly accomplished professors. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think tech founders are good/ knowledgeable about STEM, which really isn't right.

  30. I mean, is there any reason conservatives wouldn't wait until 2025? Certainly seems possible Truss has a comically short premiership. Kwarteng seems like a dead man walking.

  31. Surprise, surprise, the left wants diversity...and for people to reflect their politics! GASP

  32. I'm TAing an engineering class and the math major taking it is giving me heartburn. Obscure notation, dense proofs (not a proofs class), missing steps... then an objectively wrong answer at the end. It feels like he thinks he's too smart to just follow the example shown in class that's been tweaked for HW.

  33. the very concept of plug and chug makes math majors feel insulted

  34. He complained to me about it. Like yeah, you need a little physics insight then a few lines of algebra. Not terrible. He'd have more of a leg to stand on if this attitude actually got him correct answers.

  35. But they won a plurality? That counts as "winning an election".

  36. No, it literally doesn’t, because they couldn’t create a governing coalition.


  38. effective altruism. The basic principles are pretty good, but they get really handwavy about things like AI (I say as my model trains)

  39. Banning hijabs or not is beside the point. The question is whether you can raise someone to believe something like "I am not allowed to show other people my skin in public" (I know that's not exactly it, but bear with me)

  40. Parents should have pretty wide latitude, but schools should instill small l liberal values and there should be less ability for parents to circumvent this with schools like in the Hasidic community.

  41. We should ban right turns on red lights. It is super dangerous for pedestrians.

  42. I hate them so much. Even when I have the walk sign, I need to constantly be on guard that some idiot doesn't roll through the cross walk.

  43. Watching Vice, its a fun enough movie, but its inaccurate as hell, and wears its agenda on the sleeve to the point I find myself defending Dick fucking Cheney.

  44. This is pretty objectively true, but the political extremes will reject obvious reality because it contradicts their rhetoric about revolution.

  45. wtf why do I feel hungover after walking home from the bar. This is some bullshit.

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